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January 8th, 2018 Week 1 of 52

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Starting off the new year sick

Week 1/52 Sick day

My first story is a bit of a stumble.  Biff and I caught a stubborn cold over New Years and have been struggling to recover.

Angus Angus

Nurse angus has been very helpful in my recovery, although I feel self conscious that I haven’t been able to reciprocate his sexual entreats, his care taking was well appreciated.

Biff, even while sick, has been so wonderful in taking care of me.  My appetite has been absent all week, but he’s managed to cook my favourite foods and ensure I’m getting calories.

Week 1/52 test lighting

This is also me using my new camera, the Sony A7Riii.  I decided to dust off my remote strobes to add another challenge to this shoot: lighting. I kind of suck at flash photography.

Geeze. What was my weekly project again?

“Become a better photographer by telling a story with a single photo each week.”

Ah.  Right.

I can’t just take sexy photos anymore, I gotta tell stories if I want to push my creative ability…but, what is a story?

In improv, the basic elements of a scene are CROW: Character, Relationship, Objective, Where? I could probably use the same foundational elements when building my stories.


  • Characters: angus and I
  • Relationship: caretaker and sick partner
  • Objective: taking temperature
  • Where: bathroom

I recognize this is an overly simplistic shot, but creating the framework for how to tell a story makes this much easier for me.  I could probably make the objective and relationship more clear…or perhaps making the relationship ambiguous but guessable will make a more complex photo?  Hmm…things to experiment with.

Year end review

Tattoo ballsack / testicles

Completely forgot to share this last week…my rear in review. I’ve been toying with the idea of extending my pe’a over my balls and wanted to see what it might look like.  I’m unsure if I’d be able to get such detail, although I have seen some very intricate tattoo’d balls online.

What do y’all think?

Salt float with alpha

Float Float

Alpha’s Christmas gift to me was a trip to the sensory deprivation tanks.  I’ve been enjoying them as a way to hyperfocus on meditating and centering myself.

Alpha found less value in the hour, getting bored while floating in darkness.

Its not for everyone…but great for photos 🙂

Angus at 285lbs ish

Angus 280lbs Angus 280lbs

Angus’ bulk is going much better.  These were taken around 285ish, though he’s nearing 300lbs already.

Was it good for you too?

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