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December 6th, 2017 Week 49 of 52

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Angus, meet flogger

Tonight I took angus to a local dungeon for some percussive maintenance.

I’ve been having that sadistic itch, and angus has been begging to be used, so it seemed like the perfect date night.

I had him strip down while I guided him through his submissive headspace.

Pinning him down with my bodyweight, slamming my fists to his chest to punctuate my orders, pushing him deeper with each breath.

When angus started getting more pup, I ordered him to present.

We’ve had very brief flogger or spanking scenes in the past, but I’ve never dedicated a scene to breaking him. That was the goal tonight…or to test his limits and learn from there.

I started with my hand, moving to the leather paddle, taking breaks to maintain consent and determine if I should go harder or longer.

Eventually I had him counting out the stikes over his rump.

He was in a very deep submissive place. A short break to let the endorphins do their thing, then I had him stand up.

I secured angus to the door and used my largest, heaviest flogger to knock the wind from his chest. To get an even stronger strike, I grabbed the loose ends, twisted them, and struck his upper back like I were weilding a wound-up towel. The result was immediate, angus struggling to count. A few more strikes and he broke.

I was buzzing. But this was our first time going this far…next time I’ll push him past this…but for now, I removed his restraints and brought him to bed to cool down while he thanked me through tears.

Perfect date night.

As angus sobered up from subspace, I bright him to hot pot for a scene debrief. What worked, what didn’t. The endorphins were really hitting him hard; he couldn’t stop smiling.


This was a relief.

I had lost a lot of my dominant confidence when tank left. It made me question my ability to be a responsible and competent Dom. But here was giddy, delighted, puppy angus thanking me through exuberance; evidence to the contrary.

The scene had ended much earlier than I had expected, and left me hungry for more. Grr… Sadistic desire I had not felt in a long time.

I’m already looking forward to our next scene.

Camera upgrade

This week I upgraded my camera to the newly released Sony A7riii. But it’s so brand new the RAW file format is not supported by my computer yet. I have to make do with the (decent) jpg files it poops out.

I’ll probably have a full report when I can actually use the files. Maybe next week.

Tank progress now at stage angus

Tank and Angus at the gym, doing legs and presenting for me.

I have mixed feelings. Part of me is happy that things are going well, another part is still hurting and very suspicious. Its difficult to separate past pain from present.

But, for a moment, I didn’t worry about that and just enjoyed these beefy, sexy, redheaded pups showing off for me.

Angus has been a tremendous help in mending things between tank and I, giving tank guidance to be better where I can’t. Like these pastries…previously, tank had tried to give me sweets (which I don’t care for), but with a little help from angus, tank found something savory that I liked (salmon bun). It might seem small…but it helps. Thoughtfulness makes me feel valued, and thats something tank needs to work on to fix things.

Was it good for you too?

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