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November 20th, 2017 Week 47 of 52

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Goodbye letter to Pete

Dear Pete,

I’m sorry I never got to take you to a circuit party. You probably wouldn’t have cared for the crowds, but like our relationship, I would’ve taken you to challenge you just as you’ve pushed me out of my comfort zone.

We’ve known each other since I was 16, pretending to be 18, and you’ve been an incredibly close internet friend despite our physical distance. I fondly remember drawing with you, helping you pick your screen name, your incredibly loving and evolving relationship with your partner.

Thank you for having me in your life, you will be deeply missed in mine.

Gentle reminder to visit the doctor

Like a lot of folks with chronic conditions, I’ve been avoiding seeing my doctor about my blood pressure. For almost ten months.

My blood pressure has been creeping up over the last few months as I’ve gained weight. Usually it would go back down as I lost weight, but the 30lbs of muscle I’ve gained using myostatin inhibitors doesn’t seem to be going away.

The side effects of high blood pressure have been starting to affect me. Enough that my pups pushed me to see the doctor. Thank you, pups… I’m very stubborn about my health for some reason.

My heart meds have been adjusted to compensate for my new weight. The whole thing was painless and probably spared me another cardiac event.


Dear reader, take care of your health. Don’t put it off.

Date night with angus

Shoulder workout.

Sushi dinner.


When we got home, angus presented me with a paystub from his new job. One of the requirements for earning my full collar was to have a job in his field. While the original food science job he had moved here for fell through, he was able to find a new, even better position a couple weeks ago.

I am so proud. It’s the highest position he’s held, something that will challenge and reward him.

I love you, pup. Thank you for being mine.

New therapist for tank and I

I think we did it.  I think tank and I finally found a good couple’s therapist.

For those keeping track, this is the fourth therapist we’ve seen as a couple.  We’re both good at communicating and self aware enough that we just need a therapist to point out the BS and give us homework to guide healing.  I was happy when he called out tank’s BS, but even happier when he called out mine.

We’ve been aimless without proper therapy to guide us, but we left excited and hopeful.  What a change.

Thanksgiving food prep war zone

I’m doing three Thanksgivings this week. Here’s how that goes:

  • After procuring 60lbs of turkey, I got to work breaking down the birds into breasts, bones, and dark meats.
  • Dark meats were seasoned and left to air dry in the refrigerator.
  • Breasts were seasoned, then glued together into cylinders, vacuum packed, ready to drop into the sous vide machine for day-of cooking.
  • Bones were boiled with mirepoix and aromatics for stock.

Making stock always seems so wasteful. Instead of discarding the stock meat and vegetables, I used them to make turkey tamales for snacks.  Pups loved them 😀

Our first guests arrive Monday, with Friends’giving on Tuesday.  Then I’ve got family visiting for Thursday Thanksgiving morning.  I close the week with Tanks’giving.


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