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October 26th, 2017 Week 43 of 52

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San Diego to Mexico Gay Cruise

This week I joined my pups in San Diego for a gay cruise through Mexico. Lots of firsts on this trip. Angus' first time out of the country, first gay Mexico cruise for BP, first time with all my pups together for one big vacation.

Just three ports in Mexico, this is a "party cruise," on a smaller boat.  Nevertheless, a week in a floating gay city with 2,000 other men sounded awesome.
The ship departed San Diego as the sunset, we enjoyed a bon voyage toast with some friends from San Francisco.

Highlights from 6 tea dances and 5 circuit parties at sea

With some pretty basic ports, the focus on this cruise was the parties. We averaged a tea dance every afternoon and a circuit party every night. I don't really have the stamina to do every party, so we would drink a little, dance a little, but saved ourselves for the closing White Party (which I give a proper party score at the end of this post).

With a couple exceptions, all dances were held outside at the Sea View Pool. This space included an overlooking deck and was covered in lights, lasers, and LED monitors. They did a very good job retrofitting a poolside deck into a discotheque, but the lighting guy relied on set programming and strobe lights too much...which meant the lights didn't go with the music and there were long periods of darkness that killed the mood.

Anyway. With so many parties, some weren't really worth mentioning. I'm just going to review the highlights.


Dog Tag Tea Dance

Ahhh, the dog tag tea dance. The first tea dance for all Atlantis events. Hosts pass out dog tags which you decorate with coloured stickers to indicate your availability for the duration of the vacation:
  • Red: I'm taken
  • Yellow: buy me a drink
  • Green: I'm available
  • Double green: I'm desperate
We all went in military aesthetic, and I reprised my Pup Scout look. The bright red thong clearly indicating my status.

Super Stars Party

The Atlantis October cruise through Mexico is typically timed for Halloween...but not this year. When the themes for the parties were announced, it seemed like the "Super Star Party" was the spiritual replacement for their Halloween costume dance.
"Everyone’s famous in this media-crazed world, and tonight is our celebration of stars from every realm. From sports to super, movie to musical, now to never, reality to regal, exquisite to x-rated, they’re all invited. Voyeurs and paparazzi more than welcome!"
Alright. Loose concept. I could work with it.

For this party, I was the internet super star Noodles and Beef, hamming it up with a rhinestone thong and The Dylan Pose, while escorted by my elite pup security team.

The best part about this look was the level of commitment to acting like my security pups. I always walked in the middle, flanked by my pups. Rooms were secured before my entry. I loved it. Thank you, pups.

Soaked Tea Dance

This was a surprisingly fun party. Previous "Soaked" Tea dances annoyed me with the aggressive water gun toting revelers, but this one was just right. Alpha and biff wore swimsuits, angus and I wore thongs. I got to enjoy some exhibitionism, showing off angus' huge cock through his semi-transparent thong.

Good tea dance :D

Under the Sea

Pretty self explanatory party theme. We opted for a gay take on the Little Mermaid. From left to right: Prince Bearic, Daddy King Triton, flounder, Urso'la, and Princess Baerial.
Where my pups did sexy versions of of the Disney classic, I literally just strapped a flounder doll to my head and used my body like a giant rig for a puppet. It kind of worked.
Party Score

Party: White Party Venue: the Oosterdam pool deck DJ: DJ Abel Music: B+ Lights: C Amenities: A+ Density: A+ Party stack: 280mg M, 4800mg Piracetam, 800mg Choline, 500mg caffeine

White Party

Every Atlantis gay cruise closes with a fabulous white party. This was what we were saving ourselves for. BahL-3OlOUc
I kept my white part look simple. White thong and matching harness. Easy. You know? Less is more.

Black lights continued to be intermittent, but I got to flag for a little bit.
The music was uplifting and happy. Between sets I would Dom my pups, leaving marks on them, putting on a show for the lido deck.

We ended up closing out the party and briefly doing the after-hours dance before retiring to our room. Perfect evening.

Cabo San Lucas

Our first port was Cabo.  We did a quick run downtown for Mexican Sushi, but the sun was too intense for Alpha, BP, and Biff, so only Angus and I ended up going to the famous Lovers Beach.

Angus was living. First time taking a water taxi, first beach outside America.  The water was clear and warm, sand a bit coarse but much nicer than anything he had in New England. 

We splashed around for a couple hours before the water taxi took us back to the ship.

"Oh!  Hi Master!" --This cute pup was waiting for us in the room.

Puerto Vallarta

Far from the gorgeous, pristine waters of Cabo, the beach we visited in Puerto Vallarta was murky and left my skin with a slimy residue.  You'd never know from the photo. Everything looked gorgeous.

After some shopping in PV's gay district, we relaxed at the famous Blue Chairs resort.  The sun was pretty intense.  It was nice to just sit down and hang out with my pups.

Angus, Biff, and BP stayed behind to watch the stripper and drag shows at Blue Chairs, while Alpha and I returned to the ship for our date night.

One of the "Specialty" restaurants on the ship was a seafood place, featuring all you can eat shellfish. 

Dinner started out as Master and Alpha, but after a couple appetizers, I was relaxed enough and to swap roles.  Pup krypto came out...but, instead of my usual hanky, Sir had my collar with him.  I was overjoyed. 

We finished the next ten courses talking about the trajectory of our relationship.  We had overcome some conflicts from the past year and were stronger and closer than ever.  I wanted to try submitting more, and discussed what it would entail for me to have a slave contract of my own. Very exciting stuff.

Sea Day

Our next port was far enough that we had a few days at sea to enjoy the pools.

I only packed thongs, ended up averaging two thongs a day while at sea :x

Coming home

Back to reality. 

After seven amazing days at sea with my pups, we returned home to a little surprise from tank. My therapist says I need to set tank up for success if we want things to work out, so I offered to let him house sit as an opportunity to build trust.

Not only was the house well kept, tidy, clean...but tank had surprised us with a cute door decoration, akin to how we dress our cabin doors on the cruise.  Flowers were on the dining room table, and dinner was stewing in the pressure cooker alongside a heartfelt letter.

This was really heartwarming.  I was so happy to come home to this.  Thank you very much, tank.  I'm hopeful things keep going like this.  It will take a while, but this was a positive step forward.  

Was it good for you too?

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