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October 9th, 2017 Week 41 of 52

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What happened last week?

"Hey, noodles, where was last weeks' newsletter?" --everyone

Ugh. Yeah. I know. I'm very sorry.  Here's last week's update:

I was super busy with my work trip and the only interesting thing to happen were the people I had lunch with between work.
Thats my mom and step dad. Haven't seen them in a while, we grabbed barbecue during a (too short) lunch break.
Lunch with Leather Cop Vince, who y'all might remember as the generous fella who let me use his bike for last year's holiday photo. We spent more time talking about race play than I've ever spent on the topic. So that was uncomfortable in a very fun way...if that makes sense.
On my last night in San Francisco, I took my friend Mikey for dinner at my favourite (affordable) Italian place: Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store. They have awesome lasagna. He's absolutely delightful. I get really excited with his creative endeavors and admire his technical ability as a seamstress. Really wish I hung out with him more when I lived in SF.


So that was my week. The other highlight was discovering this original Noguchi sculpture hidden in Terminal 1. It's been pushed against a wall, surrounded by chairs. You'd never even notice it.

Home is where the 300 pound bulls are


Perhaps the reason last week was so weak was that I've missed my pups so much.


After piling into bed with my pups for some much needed intimate time, life went back to "normal."  Alpha is nearly 320lbs with the myostatin inhibitor I had introduced to him.  Watching someone that size is just awe inspiring. It feels surreal watching all that beef lumbering by, being affectionate with me, asking if I need service. Phew.

Biff and Angus are done with their cuts and have been maintaining, but they're so tall and broad, its hard not to feel small around them.  I'm excited to get them bulking in a couple weeks.  This new peptide combination has incredible growth potential...I'm pretty sure I can get Alpha to 350lbs.  Just imagine each of my pups over 300lbs :D
My progress has stalled at 265lbs.  I'm so close to 270lbs...just need to focus.  Pretty sure I'm not eating enough.

Anniversary reboot with Biff

I was a little embarrassed by my previous attempt at celebrating our anniversary and did a do-over this week. 

After many glowing recommendations, I had gotten us reservations at Shiro's Sushi, a student of the world famous sushi Master Jiro, who had struck off on his own in Seattle.  The sushi was impersonal, boring, and expensive. A disappointing departure from my experience eating at Jiro's with BP for our anniversary back in March.

I got my act together and took Biff for a second "make-up" anniversary dinner at our favourite sushi place in Seattle: Momiji.
This was a much better meal.

We shared a handful of artfully crafted, modern sushi rolls that would've made Shiro's head spin.

The night was going much better.

Biff was elated.

I felt like I could actually give him my gift tonight.

I presented Biff with two cards. The cards contained gifts of equal value. He could pick one card, and then I would reveal the contents of the card he did not pick. He could then chose to trade cards. Its my take on the monty hall problem, but as a gift. card ended up being a decoy, I just wanted to watch Biff's expression when presented with such big choices. (Very fun).

I gave Biff a "Get out of Jail Free" card.

I'm very fortunate to be in a position with my career where I can help my partner if they get stuck.  Although, this has been abused in the past (tank made me his sugar daddy for over two years before abandoning me, jerk), I have spent a lot of time talking about it with my other partners and therapist...and I think I've crafted a solution that absolves my fears of being used again.

Should Biff use the card, I'll get to take care of him while he returns to school and changes careers. He'll need to contribute in his own way--taking care of the house, making sure I'm cared for, etc--which he had suggested in the past.

Biff was extremely grateful, although he doesn't want to put any strain on our relationship after seeing what it did to tank and I.  Whatever happens, I want to help Biff be happy and successful...if he doesn't use the card, I'm sure I'll figure out another way to help.

Date Nights!

Being back home means we're back in the date night schedule. Weekdays are 1-on-1 dates with my pups and I, while weekends are shared.

First up was Biff, making me my favourite comfort food for dinner: lentils and brown rice.  Its a very simple, plain, dish. Not the most flavourful or exotic, but it reminds me of simple home cooking and my parents trying to explain complete amino profiles on a vegan diet.
Next up: alpha took me for a movie date downtown. I had just done my Myostatin inhibitor dose, crippling me with abdominal pain, so a mellow movie night was perfect.  We saw the new Kingsmen movie...I loved it.  So delightful. BZ43CLMlPvV
Date night with Angus was a collection of small adventures.  I highly recommend reading his version here...he lights up around me, I feel so privileged to bring him that much joy.  I've read and re-read the post several times since he wrote it...I really am lucky to have him.  Heartfelt sigh. BaAPgOAl15w
I've been doing gym dates with BP lately since his schedule is so busy (and I need help growing my biceps). This week we just goofed off.  Not the best workout, but I love my time with him. He's adorable. night?

Tank and I are doing the therapy thing. I am optimistic.

Despite not having much emotional stability with him and no security, I ended up co-signing his lease. 

I know, I know. Terrible idea. However, we have an agreement that he give me some collateral in case he abandons his lease (like he did with me earlier this year).

Hopefully he's good and sticks around.  I helped him set up his new place with some simple furniture and gifted him a pressure cooker as a "House Warming" gift. His micro-apartment doesn't really have a good way to cook food, but the pressure cooker seemed perfect for the kind of bulk simple cooking tank enjoyed.  It was a very practical gift.

This week, tank tried reaching out to BP to formulate an apology for what happened.  Tank burned bridges with everyone in our relationship, now he's trying to reconnect as part of making things right with me.  Mending that damage will be very difficult.  I'm worried he's going to get discouraged and ditch us again when things don't go immediately well for him.  He's told me he wants to put the work in to repair things.  I'm optimistic...we'll see.

We have another couple's therapy session soon. I've been having trouble trusting him again.  He spent much of the breakup spreading hurtful gossip about me, and I'm fearful he's still doing it.

The Pressure is all Mine

Tank has been getting a lot of use out of his pressure cooker, so I decided to get one for myself. This is my first dish: Thai Yellow Curry with chicken.

Thai Yellow Curry is a dish I've been making for my entire adult life.  I have been trying to perfect it for years, utilizing french techniques from Thomas Keller to classic Pok Pok, and modern tools like sous vide. I had read enough about pressure cookers that I had an idea how to approach this old favourite:
  • Temperature and pressure volatile ingredients should be added later (namely acids, like lime juice and chili peppers)
  • No moisture exchange with the outside air means I'll need to reduce and clarify the sauce / stock after for richer flavour
  • High pressure means nothing will boil or burn, so no maillard reaction. I can compensate with pre-searing ingredients, but that defeats the ease of use intended with a pressure cooker.
I tossed 90% of the ingredients into the pot for 45mins at high pressure. This resulted in perfectly tender, fall-off-the-bone, chicken meat, and sufficiently tender vegetables that weren't mushy.

No boiling or burning also meant the fats separated cleanly, and I was treated to an inch-layer of yellow oil that I skimmed off before reducing and concentrating the stock. (Leaving the fat would mellow the complex flavour of curry).

I added too much aromatics (specifically, kaffir lime leaf), which resulted in an overpowering citrus-rind aroma.  I suspect the high pressure extracts more essential oils from the aromatics than traditional cooking methods. Otherwise, once everything was done, the curry was delicious.  I'd give it a B+ for taste, A+ for ease of cooking. 

Pok pok's recipe takes two days to prepare yellow curry, my variation takes 3-6 hours (depending on who I'm trying to impress), but this took an hour and barely any effort.  Awesome.

Was it good for you too?

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