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September 27th, 2017 Week 39 of 52

Special Folsom issue:


Pre Folsom Shopping

I was actually in San Francisco for a work trip.  Folsom just happened to be in the very middle of everything. 

How convenient.

I made a stop at Mr S Leather the Wednesday before Folsom Weekend.  This is the quiet before the storm, when Mr S has everything in abundant stock.  Historically, I make (on average) three trips to Mr S over the weekend (for various and typical leather emergencies), but I was going to try and get everything out of the way on this first trip.

My shopping list was simple: a new cock ring.  I had torn through my oxballs silicone ring and needed a new one to keep my package plump over the weekend.  Before I knew it, I was trying on harnesses, getting fitted for a leather leg holster, feeling the latest and heaviest in dildos. 

I immediately fell in love with the new neon neoprene harnesses and matching shorts. The standard pouch on the shorts was too small, but they were able to turn around a custom over-sized pouch in a day.

Just for fun, I thought I'd try the matching puppy hood in neon orange.  I'm familiar with the puppy-piphany of finding your alter ego when trying on a puppy hood...but its never happened to me. Pup hoods always made me claustrophobic, sweaty, and I never felt sexy wearing one.  I had little confidence in this hood, but tried it anyway. When I looked at my reflection, my submissive side, Krypto, looked right back.

"Huh!"  I tilted my head almost instinctively, feeling myself go full pup.  "I'm orange?" Of course I was orange.  I bought the hood too.

BRÜT Folsom

Watch video here.
BRÜT Folsom: C+

Not really worth a full write-up.

A far cry from the spiritual experience that was BRÜT NYC pride, the venue was small, packed, but the music was good enough to dance sober. Lighting was an improvement over Mighty (the previous identity of this venue), with plenty of black light for flagging. Crowd was sexy and welcoming.

Average party, great way to kick off the weekend.

My primary goal for the party was to test my outfit concept for the big dance on Sunday.  I filled in part of my tatau with UV reactive pen and wanted to see if it would bleed with my sweat or fail to light up.  After a couple hours of heavy dancing, I was delighted to find it was glowing brightly and without running.

Folsom Street Fair

Ahhh, the actual Folsom Street Fair. After ten years of perfect attendance, I've started to get a little bored with the fair. I only go at the very start, do a quick lap, and leave an hour later as the crowds become unbearably dense.  Some friends were complaining that the fair has lost its edge with the city ban on sex and nudity...but there was still plenty of people watching to be had and I saw a few friends:

Didn't even do my usual game of twister.        

Since we were doing Real Bad together, tank joined me for the fair.
He was wearing a custom neoprene harness and oversized cup, looking like a sexy highway warning cone. I am still very cautious about tank.  After breaking up with me, he went on a sexual tour of America, vindictively gogo dancing at bear parties and cruising his way through leather events.  It was very painful watching all this happen.  I told tank I couldn't handle him flirting with guys at Folsom.  If he wanted to hang out, he needed to act respectful. Admittedly, I was a ball of anxiety, worried tank would go down on some guy at any moment.  But, he kept his promise, I felt respected.  It will be a while before I let my guard down.    

Real Bad

BZcvx3mFl93 BZeMraCFicM

Party Score

Party: Real Bad Venue: 1015 Folsom DJ: Juanma Escudero and Scott Shepard Music: A+ Lights: C Amenities: A+ Density: C Party stack: 140mg M, 4800mg Piracetam, 800mg Choline, 250mg caffeine
Real Bad is the party for Folsom.

Consistently the biggest and best produced event in San Francisco year after year, it is the party that I use to benchmark all other parties.

Unfortunately, I needed to be a prime mental condition the following week for work, so I partied light and took every pre-party precaution. 

The music was good enough to carry me on just a little caffeine and piracetam. So that was nice.

Previous years, my pups and I did elaborate matching, fetish-inspired looks, but this year it was just myself (and tank). As this was my first Folsom with my finished pe'a tatau, I wanted to do something with that.  My journey to soga'imiti was a ritual of pain into manhood that had become core to my identity...perfect for a fetish event.  But black tattoo ink doesn't really show in dark, dingy, discotheques. The previous night I had tested highlighting the tattoo with UV reactive ink to much success.  We spent a few hours before the party filling in the remaining parts of my tattoo.  Once I arrived, my body illuminated bright orange.  The patterns glowing across the room.

My look got a lot of attention, but my poor camera phone didn't capture the details very well. 

Oh well. Here's some Gif's of me trying to dance:

Was it good for you too?

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