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September 21st, 2017 Week 38 of 52

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  • No newsletter this week
  • Well. I guess this is a newsletter.
  • I'm just so tired, you guys.
  • Its been a week. I really just want to sleep.
  • Maybe its because I'm almost 270lbs now, life is just harder...hmm, I can live with that.

No newsletter this week

I'm very sorry, everyone. BZSEkoKlrZf I've started a new project at work that has me flying a lot, which is really boring. The most notable thing that happened this past week was my hotel was overbooked and I lost my room, so I had to get a new hotel. This new hotel had a note about conserving towels, but the "T" had been crossed off. This is my week. New neoprene harness from Mr s leather But!  Next update will be very exciting. My work trip has me in San Francisco for Folsom weekend.  I actually wasn't planning on doing Folsom this year...but here I am! Already picked up a new neoprene harness. I didn't quite fit in the jock shorts, but they're making me a custom pouch that (hopefully) will be ready in time for the weekend. BZSI5L_F_Yw If you see me at Folsom, please say hi! I've got work the following week, so I'll be low-key this year. Here are the parties I'm thinking about doing in order of how likely I'll be there:
  1. Real Bad (already have tickets)
  2. Big Muscle Bears tea dance (maybe)
  3. BRüT (ugh, I love this party but its on a work night, might not happen)

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