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September 12th, 2017 Week 37 of 52

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Angus visits

Angus is visiting for some interviews for his big move to Seattle.  This is really exciting...I'm hoping its his last trip and an offer is made before he has to return to the East Coast. Just look how sharp he is.  I barely recognize him as business pup.
PHEW.  There we go :D Between interviews, Angus has been a dutiful house pup.  He was lined up with his brother pups to greet me at the door like this.
We've been catching up on some much needed in-person Master/pup time.  Although I've been running on limited energy from my myostatin inhibition (more on that later), he's been an excellent and receptive sub:
  1. His first day home, we had an extremely rough scene where I got to introduce him to breath control.  BP is the only other pup who really enjoys being blacked-out, so its been a while since I got to choke a pup out.  I didn't quite go far enough for him to lose consciousness, but baby steps.  He was distracted enough to take my thick cock, which is what mattered.

  2. The next day, I started spanking him, quickly switching to a leather paddle, having him count out my strokes until I was confident he was feeling the endorphins. After a very hard bottoming session in Ptown, angus has been eager to explore something more extreme: fisting.  I'm not very familiar with it, but I was confident I could stretch him out even more. Still riding an endorphin high, I started stretching angus out with my hand.  One finger, two, three...more.  Eventually he was ready for one of my biggest dildos.  He was stretched to such pleasure he was laughing.  It was a bit overwhelming though, too much stimulation for him to cum, but I loved pushing his limits.

  3. Stretched and ready for more, I used angus around the house.  He twerked on my cock, that was very sexy.

Oh I love that pup. Sexy exploration aside, we finally got to do some touristy stuff.  

Night Market in China Town and Pike's Place Market, where we visited the first Starbucks (underwhelming).

New Workout Tights

Andrew Christian tights
Andrew Christian tights Andrew Christian tights

I typically shy away from Andrew Christian clothes.  They're on the wrong side of tacky for me.  But, sometimes, he puts out something really sexy.  I fit into his tights from a previous season, but was disappointed with the boring black fabric.  This season, he put out the same cut of tights in NEON YELLOW AND BLUE.

I squealed when I saw the unflattering photos on his website, knowing the tights would look amazing on me when they were bagging and ugly on the lithe model.  Finding tights that fit my package is very difficult.  These have an anatomical pouch which--when full of my junk--is absolutely obscene.  I love it.

If anyone is interested, they're about $30 from Andrew Christian.  I do not get referrals for this, I just legit love these tights.

Bulking update: 260lbs!

Watch the progress video here. This week I reached my heaviest weight ever: 260lbs.

I take weekly measurements to track progress while bulking. There's a psychological benefit to recording your progress, and I find myself making adjustments to my routine, diet, or supplements to stay on track. The spreadsheet is rather boring to look at, so I'll summarize: I'm bigger everywhere.
  • 19.5" arms
  • 50" chest
  • 28" thighs
  • 45" rump
All while wearing a 34" waist.  I am the biggest I've ever been, the heaviest, and I have the best proportions of my life. Wow!

I attribute most of my dramatic progress to my recent experiment with myostatin inhibition.  In the two weeks that I've attempted myostatin inhibition, I saw ~10lbs increases in weight.  Without this miraculous supplement, I'm only putting on 2-3lbs a week. I'm calling the experiment a success, although its not without some seriously weird and uncomfortable side effects.

There are several compounds that are being researched to block myostatin.  This one is an antibody that binds to myostatin, rendering it inert.  The first week I take it, I have a low-grade fever, my gums bleed, and my skin doesn't heal as quickly as it usually does.  The myostatin inhibition peaks around day two, when I am blindingly hungry.  I have a short window of energy where I workout before needing to feed again, followed by passing out.  I feel like this is my body trying to keep up with the increased muscle growth...but, that is just speculation. pups have noticed a huge change in my body and are curious to try it on themselves.  Alpha started last week and is already up 10lbs to 310lbs.  We'll see how he handles the side effects...


Off to San Francisco for a quick work trip. Sadly, my bay area barber botched my beard, so I shaved it all off.  Behold: BY9RZdxFPki
I actually kinda like it.  Maybe I should stay clean shaven for a bit.  Yay or nay?

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