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September 6th, 2017 Week 36 of 52

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Endless Summer

I don't want summer to end.

Every year, I can feel the end of summer around the corner with the shortening days. Then I start thinking about how many summers I have left: 40.

Did I make the most of my summer? This was a record year for travel and vacations... But I never feel satisfied with summer. I could always hike more, bike more, party more. I want to cook outside everyday while it's still warm enough to do so. I want to finish summer exhausted, eager for the boring onset of fall.

Aloha pups

Back from Hawaii, BP and Alpha picked me up from the airport, I later saw Biff at home. Souvenir leis for everyone!

Tank also dropped off this sweet card welcoming me home. I think it made my pups a little nervous, though I know it was with good intent. Its all still very fresh for everyone.

Gym Records

BYmA1zolz6Y Now that I'm back, I can refocus on my bulk.

Alpha and BP surprised me, both growing to their biggest while I was away: alpha's at 300lbs with 21" arms and a 56" chest. BP is also 300lbs, but he's superstitious about measurements, so we don't know how massive he is.
BYb0EQ2leZC I didn't lose any weight on my trip to Hawaii (a miracle, considering all the hiking I did on a calorie deficit), and I have a new body trick: my pecs can do the shelf thing.
Biff is officially done with his cut. I celebrated by rewarding him with a couple new swimsuits that barely contain him.

Alpha date night

Alpha took me to a nice Italian dinner for date night, afterwards we went for a walk through Freeway Park. Its this brilliant 4-acre homage to brutalist architecture in the heart of Seattle. Being the closet fan of modernist architecture, I've been wanting to walk through it ever since I moved here. We scoped some photo locations for future projects.

Angus comes home (for a bit)

Angus is visiting for a big interview. This could be the one that he moves out for :D While he prepares, we're spending as much time together as possible.

This week's tank update

Tank and I had our first couple's therapy session this week. We had actually made a lot of progress just talking outside of therapy, using the tools my therapist gave me, so our session was focused more on how I can rebuild trust with Tank.

I'm not really sure how reconnecting with tank will go. We both want to be positive forces in each other's lives, but its going to take a lot of work. Tank seems eager to work on his things, and I know what I have to do:
  1. Stay in the present, don't hyper focus on the dogma of our past relationship, it detracts from the now
  2. Set Tank up for success, don't be afraid to communicate your feelings
I'm scared he's going to break my heart again. Therapist reminded me that is an accepted trade off for the possibility of happiness and love. I need to schedule more time with Tank, but had to shuffle our plans since Angus is visiting.

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