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August 1st, 2017 Week 31 of 52

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Ruby Beach with Biff

This week Biff and I drove up to the Olympic National park, visiting Ruby Beach on the way to the Hoh Rainforest. Our original destination was a hotspring, but reports online indicated the trail was closed for construction.  :/
Ruby beach
Ruby beach Ruby beach
The beach was eerily gorgeous blanketed in warm, dense, fog.  Growing up in a coastal town, I was energized by my nostalgia for fog banks.  We ended up exploring the black sand beach and tide pools.

Hoh Rainforest

In the Northwest corner of the Olympics National Park is the Hoh first time visiting a rainforest in North America.  

I'm more familiar with tropical rainforests (See: Hawaii, South America, Thailand) but was excited to see a "temperate" rainforest. Regrettably, I forgot my camera memory card and my phone didn't do a very good job with the low light of the rainforest, so I don't have many photos. It was very lush though.  

Moss covered everything with ferns providing dense ground cover.  Biff and I did a quick hike through the rainforest, in awe at the scale of massive, gnarled trees, and lush vegetation. I need to return when I have my memory was gorgeous.

Lavender Farm

Lavender farm

On the drive back from the Olympics, we spotted a lavender farm and took a few quick shots as the sun set. Lavender farm No memory card, but I managed to sync my phone to my camera for some wireless shots. I could save low res, 2MP photos, before my phone died. I thought I had captured a shot without shorts...but it looks like we'll have to return when I'm better prepared :/

Connecting with BP

Now that I'm back from the East Coast, I've been playing catchup with Biff and BP.  Its been nice...I missed big pup a lot.  

We've been gymming together again (he has a fantastic arm workout), I'm helping him with his new website, he took me to a nice seafood lunch to celebrate an awesome presentation at work, I've been making his favourite foods.

I guess what I'm really writing about is how much I missed BP on my trip.  We're not doing anything out of the ordinary...but wow I missed spending time with him :)  Thank you, pup.

Small adventures in retail therapy

New gym shorts Retail therapy as expressed in sexy photos.
New gym shorts New gym shorts
I got new gym shorts! These are the Coach gym shorts from LASC. Alpha bought a pair in Ptown and I've gotten myself a pair...they're awesome and stretchy and obscene. Perfect.
Our local leather shop Dog House Leathers is having a shorts sale. Went with my pups to try the new Cellblock13 shorts. They're sexy, mesh, but the built-in jock has a microscopic package. Biff had similar issues, although I thought he looked very sexy.

Nevertheless, I've never really fit in Cellblock13:

Hiking Paradise via Mount Rainer

Closed out the weekend with a hike to Paradise at Mount Rainer.
Paradise hike Mount Rainer Paradise hike Mount Rainer
Paradise hike Mount Rainer
Absolutely gorgeous.  I can see why this hike is so popular. The mountains were covered in wild flowers.

Paradise hike Mount Rainer

Alpha picked me a bouquet reminiscent of our last hike in Tassajara.
Paradise hike Mount Rainer
Biff, taking in the sights. Paradise hike Mount Rainer We were pretty exhausted towards the end of the hike. 8 miles over the course of the day.  I hadn't planned very well...only packed sandwiches for the pups and water.  Whoops :(

Paradise hike Mount Rainer

It wasn't until we were heading back that the sun had started to set and gave us less harsh light.

The highlight was as we left the park, the sun catching a field of flowers in gold.
Paradise hike Mount Rainer
Paradise hike Mount Rainer Paradise hike Mount Rainer
Perfect day.

Self medicating

This is a screenshot of my phone's home screen.

I use an app called Loop: Habit Tracker to track my daily and weekly habits. This includes things like making sure I eat enough protein each day, my workouts, and my happiness.

I've been struggling with a weird depression since last year when my relationship with tank started to fall apart. At first I thought it was a natural reaction to the breakup, but I'm starting to think it's chemical. I use these apps and spreadsheets to track my mood and stress, and the trend is consistent: I'm not happy.

Last time we connected my depression to beta-blockers I had been taking...Perhaps it's my heart medication?

I've tried using nootropics to counteract my current depression (whatever is causing it), with mixed success. I've had negative reactions to typical antidepressants in the past so I'm looking at unconventional ways to medicate the symptoms. Each substance I test for a week, record my results, and continue.
  • 5HTP + EGCg: the EGCg improves bioavailability of 5HTP to serotonin, but this combination actually makes my mood worse, so I don't think its serotonin deficiency.
  • Choline + Inositol + NAC: I saw no change, but it helps with headaches caused by choline depletion by the next substance...
  • Piracetam: great for mood, but the effect has diminishing return after a week of continuous use. My pups have told me it makes me more catty, which is a negative I believe.
  • *****: exceptional for mood, but dosing curve is very difficult, there is a refractory period where I can't take it for three days wherein my mood falls again.
  • *****: metabolizes to a powerful GABA-modulating antidepressant that lasts for two weeks, but I'm scared to use it because it might put me in a coma.
  • *****: Works, but it's addicting and bad for my heart. So thats a nonstarter.
  • Cardio: great for mood, but its cardio.
There's a lot more, but these are the notable tests.

Depression seems to seep back in after cessation of any protocol or substance. It's probably just my heart medication...but, I see a connection between the things that work and my untreated ADHD.

I love the mania and hyper-focus that comes with ADHD, and therefore don't medicate, but the behavioural aspect is something I've pretended doesn't exist.

Oh well. Let's see what my doctor says next week.

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