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July 17th, 2017 Week 29 of 52

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Continuing Ptown Bear Week

Angus could only join Alpha and I during the weekend because of his busy work schedule. This leg of Bear Week was just going to be Alpha and I.

Provincetown is a very special place for Alpha and I. It's where we consummated our friendship, spent our summers growing that bond, and eventually where I collared him as our relationship grew beyond friendship. This year we were returning to Ptown to reconnect after a very trying year of job hunting, family emergencies, and my struggles with an ex.

The trip was very spontaneous. Accommodations were booked a few weeks in advance, we didn't get Bear Week tags, and went into the week expecting to "wing it."

The rough itinerary was a "Best Of" our favourite ptown adventures:

  • Bike ride through the Cape
  • Visit the gay beach
  • Swimsuit shopping
  • Leather shopping
  • Tea dances
  • Circuit parties
  • Pool parties
  • Gym (at Mussel Beach)
  • Hangout with friends

Most of our friends were actually skipping this year, so we ended up making a few new friends, connecting with Angus' group of friends from the East Coast, or having lots of intimate time with each other.

Biking the Cape

Easily my excursion in Provincetown, the Provincelands Bike Trail is a 5-to-8 mile bike loop through sand dunes, swamp, and forest. Its a pretty easy ride, but the scenery is incredible.

Some very handsome scenery.

We actually did the bike ride twice. First heading towards Herring Cove Beach to catch the sunset, then returning when it was overcast to complete the full loop.

When we got into the forest, I attempted to get some photos of my pe'a for my tufuga who wanted something more "mean" to post on his instagram.

I believe he's trying to say my photos are a little too gay, so I did my best to butch it up and appeal to his masculine clientele.

Rainy Day Looks

We got rained out one day during Bear Week. I didn't really have any rain-weather clothing, so I just went out in a swimsuit. The weather was warm enough.

This is that neon-coral swimsuit from Skinzwear again...I should mention the coverage is rather...erm...brief:

Singlet Tea Dance

I reprised my neon blue/pink assless mesh singlet from New York Pride for the Bear Week Singlet dance. The singlet tea was originally an unofficial flash mob of people that would come in singlets to tea, has since turned into an official event.

Lots of cute and sexy singlets at this dance.

About an hour into the dance, power shut down throughout Ptown. No lights, no music, we didn't really want to stick around for a blackout fueled orgy, so Alpha and I made our way to Crown and Anchor where they had a backup generator to keep the night going in 10-minute bursts.

I actually loved it...never been in ptown without power before. It was very exciting :O

Pool Day!

We with a couple pools for our pool day, starting at Provincetown Inn before rain forced us to retreat to the Crown and Anchor pool.

The water was deceptively cold...but provided a nice retreat for Alpha and I from the sun.

I wore a modest, neon orange thong.

Pool was nice. Got to make a couple new friends (Nathan and Collin) and met my socializing quota for the day.

Dinner with my best friend

This was actually meant to be a dinner with Sir, but I've been feeling a bit guarded and was having trouble feeling submissive. So we had a nice dinner between best friends. I was a little sad I might disappoint Alpha, but we ended up having a good meal, reminiscing about past trips to Ptown and what was left on our agenda. Ben de la Creme had canceled her show in Ptown, so we were without drag entertainment...hmm.

More "Mean" Pe'a portraits

Unsatisfied with my "mean" pe'a portraits, we made a pitstop at the "Dick Dock." At night, this is the epicenter of Ptown's anonymous sex scene...but during the day, it is a beautiful place for photos, boasting gorgeous filtered light and interesting repeating elements.

Rhinestone Thong

Towards the end of our Ptown trip, my friend Jacob dropped off the rhinestone thong we had been working on last week. After my neon orange thong upset some trolls, I was even more enthused to wear this loud, shiney piece to a tea dance. You really have to see the videos of it in motion to appreciate the weight of it's majesty:

The entire thing must weigh 10 pounds, but I love it. It's so intense in it's tackiness, I had a newfound sense of confidence wearing it. "Thats right, my package is covered in Swarovski, what are you going to do about it?"

There's Jacob in the blue shirt. He brought it over during our annual ptown "Bearbecue." So I got to subject my friends to a fitting. (Sorry, everyone). Not pictured are Roman and his new boy(friend?) who escaped before I got my family jewels on.

Shower with Krypto

After a week of reconnecting with Alpha, he presented me with a new red bandana. Mine had been lost to the ocean on the first day of Ptown...while the bandana is a practical travel tool for me, it is also a means of identifying as Dom or sub where I don't normally wear a collar.

The bandana was soft and unique, a gift from my Sir. I asked him politely to put it on, and I was pup again.

We had a tearful, heartfelt, exchange of power.

I have needed to let go for a very, very long time. We're easing into it again...but it felt so good to be back with my Sir. Naturally, he had me shower outdoors and show off for him.

Breaking Angus

During a particularly rough top session, angus was overcome with endorphins, feelings, and love, crying while laughing. I have never seen him so deliriously happy. The expression burned into my mind. I'm delighted I could give him this positive, loving, experience of bottoming.

Thank you for capturing this moment, Alpha.

Was it good for you too?

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