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July 10th, 2017 Week 28 of 52

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Fierce Jewels preview

I'm staying with my talented friends John and Jacob of Fierce Drag Jewels during this leg of my trip. They've been exceptional hosts, wonderful friends, and sharing their studio space has been very inspirational. I hesitate to call this a collaboration (I just picked pretty gems) but here's a preview of the rhinestone thong I'm commissioning from Fierce Jewels.

If all goes well, I'll be debuting this excessively opulent codpiece at Bear Week.

Happy 4th of July!

My original plans for a Fire Island Fourth of July fell through, but I had heard Provincetown had a pretty fantastic fireworks display. Having only been to Ptown for Bear Week, I envisioned streets lined with alternating rainbow and American flags, gay boys lined up for Indepen-dance at the Boat Slip, and topical 4th of July themed drag shows.

I wore my American flag thong and a matching American flag cowboy hat, but had to put on my jogging shorts. Massachusetts is a no thong state (argh!) so I had to provide at least an inch of coverage over my butt. The 4th of July fireworks display attracted many straight families and police.

Still had an awesome time. Got some sexy photos with Angus, we met Trixie Mattel (So tall in person!), and I had the pleasure of taking my hosts to dinner.

I carefully booked a restaurant overlooking the Provincetown harbor, so we could enjoy fireworks during dinner. A perfect evening.

Later, Angus and I got into some big dick humiliation. If he keeps growing like this he'll never be able to top, big over hung bull. ;)

Alpha joins us for Bear Week!

Alpha has been away tending to a family emergency for the past month. With the crisis coming to a close, I (firmly) suggested a vacation for him: Provincetown Bear Week.

Ptown is a very special place for Alpha and I. It's where we consummated our friendship, spent our summers growing that bond, and eventually where I collared him as our relationship grew beyond friendship.

Angus drove so Alpha and I could enjoy our annual tradition of taking the ferry from Boston to Ptown. We hung out on the upper deck, buffeted by salty wind while planning our week of tea dances, shopping, and beaches.

It was very windy. Almost lost my cowboy hat and just before we docked the wind ripped my red hanky off. It was a gift from my Sir (alpha, when we switch) :(

Angus met us in Ptown at our vacation rental. We had our tearful reunion with his alpha (they haven't seen each other since Memorial weekend) then we changed into Ptown day wear to shop for toiletries and swimsuits for alpha.

I ended up wearing this neon speedo from Skinzwear (same folks who make my obscene jogging shorts). Its a bit too small, couldn't get excited or I'd flop out, and started to become transparent as I sweated. It was perfect for Ptown.

Sunset Bear Cruise

Hit Mussel Beach for a quick workout with my pups, had a light barbecue lunch with our friend Jacob, then went to the dock for our first dance of the week.

Ignoring years of past experience, I decided to give the sunset bear cruise a second chance.

Far from the delightful bear cruise Angus and I did for New York Pride, the ptown cruise was a miserable moshpit of a thousand men squished onto the roof of a boat. We were able to find solace on the lower decks, but that was where the tweaked out handsy gays would go.

We tried flagging, but the ceilings were very low, making it difficult. The poles ended up being great for dancing...but music was harder to hear on the lower levels.


We tried to make the most of it, but it was a very trying experience. We were laughing with relief when we finally got off the boat...we were free!



Today I made love with angus. I've bottomed a lot for him, but this is the first time I got to top. It was surprisingly cathartic in how effortless it was. I cried, I was so happy. Hopefully angus wasn't too weirded out while I tearfully pounded him to orgasm.

Thank you, pup.

Physical intimacy is my primary language of love...I collapsed onto his chest panting "I love you," laughing while the endorphins hit, his cock twitching back to hard. Angus was always turned on by making me happy.

When Angus outgrows his thongs

...I get them.

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