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July 3rd, 2017 Week 27 of 52

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NYC to Montreal

I needed to kill some time between NYC Pride and Provincetown Bear Week, so I decided to spend a few days in Montreal. The Adirondack train ride is one of the most scenic train rides in the world and only $60...hard to pass up.

While the train ride was gorgeous, I left my camera charger and tripod in my luggage with Angus, so I don't have many photos. I don't really think my camera would be able to capture it anyways. There is something very delightful about lush mountains and forests zooming by at 80MPH that requires being physically present to truly enjoy.

I had a rough itinerary of exploring Montreal's many vibrant neighborhoods, but intermittent rain limited me to a food tour of the Gay Village, Old Port, China Town, and Mile End. By food tour, I mean I ate three-to-five different kinds of poutine everyday. When the rain would hit, I'd escape to a cafe and do some remote work on my laptop.

The people of Montreal seemed very perplexed by my ethnicity. I would be stopped while walking, eating food, or shopping by absolute strangers demanding (very French) to know my ethnic background. I suppose this is the Rude Montreal everyone tried to warn me about?

Otherwise, beautiful city with wonderful food. I hope to visit again when I have more time. Thank you to the folks who recognized me on the street and said hi, sorry if I was startled, I sincerely didn't think anyone would know me up there!

Providence with Angus

Angus will be joining Alpha and I for the Fireman's ball next Friday as a dalmation (adorable!).

Back from Montreal, I rendezvoused with Angus for a tour of his hometown. Picnic at Oakland beach with some fantastic fish and chips.

Ahhh...East coast seafood is just exceptional.

The weather was gorgeous. Perfect beach day.

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