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June 27th, 2017 Week 26 of 52

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Happy Pride Everyone!

It's going to be a busy summer:

  • New York City for Pride
  • Montreal (I've never been!)
  • Providence and Boston for Angus
  • Ptown for Bear Week

What started out as a long weekend in New York has turned into a budget tour of the east coast. For most of these stops I'm sleeping on couches and taking trains or ferries.

I've been bulking for the past two months trying to gain 30lbs and get to my previous biggest of 260lbs. Here's how that went:

I definitely leveled off towards the end of my bulk. The last ten pounds are very hard. I might try again after I return from summer circuit. In the meantime, here's what 250lbs looks like in our very well lit home gym:

NYC Day 1: Angus and Krypto

I've been working on getting more comfortable with my submissive side (krypto) but its been slow going. Work and family stress haven't been helping. But when angus visited us for Memorial Weekend, we discovered that he has a very nurturing, loving, dominant side.

We've been working out how this might settle in our larger dynamic...eventually deciding that dominant Angus (capital "A") would be a perfect alpha to me when I'm feeling submissive. I need that place to feel loved, and he is eager to give it.

The first day in NYC would be a pup date between Angus and Krypto. I was anxious, excited...not really sure what to expect.

After a redeye flight to NYC from Seattle, I rendezvous with Angus at Penn station for snacks, coffee, and his romantic plans for my visit.

  • Picnic in Central Park
  • Deep tissue Swedish Massage
  • Japanese BBQ for dinner

I was overcome, already pretty emotional after the strain of a long redeye flight, this pushed me right over. I was so grateful.

Picnic ended up being on the Highline Park, with snacks from the Hells Kitchen Market. I've never seen the highline so lush! I wore these ridiculous Slick It Up mesh shorts. Luckily, the contrast of the fabric to my skin makes it hard to see that I'm otherwise naked.

After that, Angus took me for a much-appreciated massage in Hells Kitchen. Although I definitely needed the bodywork after a long flight, the best part was getting to shower and be intimate with him between therapy. Good choice, Angus :D

Lunch was a personal favourite: east coast oysters. Angus picked an exceptionally big and sweet variety which I loved.

Dinner was at a Japanese BBQ near our hotel. Sadly, I was so jetlagged I had trouble keeping up. Sorry, Angus :(

Otherwise, a perfect date. Angus spoiled me...I am not used to that. I need to let go more often I think.

NYC Day 2: Furball

Furball was held in a smaller venue than usual. It was cramped and frustrating, despite excellent music.

The highlight for me was meeting some online friends, including sixfootfiveguy, whom I've known online for a few years:

So yay, that was cool.

Otherwise, the best part of the night was Angus coming home from his gogo shift and presenting his tips for me as tribute. Good pup.

NYC Day 3: Tea dance(s)

We had originally planned to do the so called "VIP Rooftop" party for tea, but the venue was tiny and the crowd weird, so we left. As a fallback, Angus used his connections to get us on the sold out Beefcake cruise.

We should have started here. The cruise was exceptional.

Easily one of the most diverse bear dances I've ever attended. Lots of handsome, masculine, bears of color. I felt very welcome and was surprised some folk recognized me from my retired blog. Thank you, everyone, for being so friendly!

I wore a modest pair of neon orange jogging shorts. I could match Angus in his neon pink jogging shorts.

The cruise was perfect. Excellent music, black lights for flagging, warm breeze coming off the river, buffet, fabulous bearded drag. We even went past the Statue of Liberty, whom I'd never seen in person before.

Even our circuit aficionado friends Roman (left) and Blake (right) were happy with the tea.


Party Score


Party: BRÜT
Venue: Playstation Theater
DJ: Dan Darlington and Peter Napoli, THE CUBE GUYS, DJ Amanda Louise, and DJ Many Ward
Music: B+
Lights: A+
Amenities: A+
Density: A+
Party stack: 240mg M, 4800mg Piracetam, 250mg caffeine


This. This was a party.

I haven't been to a dance this good in years.

They did everything right.

Massive venue, multiple dancefloors, dark areas, huge bathrooms, water fountains, candy and snacks for sale, good music. I was speechless walking in.

We both had friends at this event and enjoyed an even mix of socializing, dancing, and flaunting our sexuality. Perfect. Let's get to the photos.

Angus and I wore matching neon pink thongs to contrast a crowd of dreary black leather. Which was a good choice. Black lights blanketed the venue, making us stand out like beacons of masculine camp and sexuality.

See the full video here and another one here.

Whenever we got bored with a song, we'd just switch dancefloors for a completely different sound. There was never a dull moment in the evening.

Halfway through the party, Angus got on the gogo box for me:

I got on the gogo box as well, had a blast flagging before the sea of men. Behold, videos:

The party was so much fun we could've kept going till close, but eventually decided to call it a night at 6am. Leaving the music for the sunrise.

Thank you for a wonderful evening, pup. I love you :)


NYC Day 4: Escape from Pride Island

This was an incredible disappointment after receiving so much hype from our friends who were pier dance veterans.

The hot sun was unrelenting, as was the droning music, and wave after wave of drunk straight girls asking to take photos with us.

Granted, we weren't exactly dressed modestly.

I reprised my tactical raver look.

Angus wore sexy black short-shorts that didn't quite cover his beefy rump.

We tried to make the most of it, saw some friends while dancing and got to flag.

But we couldn't even stay past sunset for the fireworks. Grabbed a cab with our friend Blake and made an escape from pride island.

Off to Montreal

Angus and I had our tearful goodbyes at Penn Station before boarding our trains. He returned home, I went up to Montreal via the Adirondack route.

We'll be meeting up again after I finish in Canada.

Was it good for you too?

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