Noodles and Beef

Victory kiss for making it to the top :)

View from the top of the falls.

…and in order to get there you take this scary staircase carved into the mountain.

Annnnd then we made it to Vernal Falls.

Phew…exhausting.  The most dramatic falls I’ve ever hiked.

Hiking Yosemite falls.

Doing that evita pose a lot this trip.

Speaking of deer.

Big pup tames the Stag of Yosemite.

Taken in Yosemite Valley.  The deer were so friendly they came right up for us.

Then expected food.

Not brr! on Flickr.

I wanted to take my friends to some nearby natural hotsprings for a nude soak…but there was a horrible car accident at the mountain pass, so we got out and took silly photos in the snowy terrain.

Dan on Flickr.

Dan is an incredible tribute to what a little cutting can do for your proportions. He’s down 25lbs since August and the weight loss has made his arms look huge.

I mean, yeah, they’re already massive, but by reducing his waist size, his arms look proportionately bigger.

Looking good: it’s all optical illusions.

OH! HIKING! on Flickr.

We took frequent photo breaks on our hike. I mean, look at that scenery. Gorgeous. Wow.

DSC08310 on Flickr.