Noodles and Beef


I’m thrilled by the instant worldwide support for this mix and grateful for the spins at White Party Palm Springs, which helped launch it. I love this song a lot and am glad people are responding well to the new backing track I added to it. So now, I’m offering it up to everyone as a free download. CLICK HERE and enjoy!


In case you missed him at Consummate in the Nuptials Lounge, here’s the latest from Sean Mac…I’m hoping to share his exclusive remix from Consummate soon, right Sean?  It was an incredible surprise coming upstairs and hearing it.

Beautiful video from our circuit wedding, courtesy of our talented videographer Mike M. Video opens with the ceremony, Sister Roma marrying us, followed by gorgeous footage of the dance party that followed.  (If you’ve already seen the ceremony, just skip to 3:40 and bask in the beautiful footage of lasers and shirtless men dancing).

Awesome. Our white party wedding photos in the latest issue of Gloss magazine.

More flagging at my wedding.  Featuring cublifeboston looking incredible flagging.

Okay, not quite done with wedding photos.  I’m sorry.

DJ Kitty Glitter snapped this one from the DJ Booth Wedding Altar during the ceremony.  Beautiful shot of us grooms and our best men.

One of my favourite looks from the wedding was Michael’s custom leather epaulette, tie, cuffs, and hat.  Super hot look.

Pup aphyr getting a massage upstairs.

We had massages at our wedding.  Obviously.

Portraits from the dance floor of our circuit wedding by Michael Smith.

Left to right: my brother, mom, me, big pup, dad

Alpha psyching me up for the ceremony.

Sister Roma marrying us.

Our friends watching from below.

Our first dance as husbands.

This was our wedding.