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Noodles and Beef, the goodbye video

Video transcript:

I’m not really good at video so, bear with me.

Hi, my name is Dylan, I’m the person who writes Noodles and Beef dot com, and this is my goodbye video!

I started this blog 15-years-ago to gain a better appreciation of my life by writing openly and frequently. Its been an incredible creative outlet, great way to make friends, and–perhaps most rewarding–there are people out there who have benefitted from my writing about poly, BDSM, and other challenging social subjects. Which I think is really awesome…I’m not exactly an expert, so thats pretty cool.

This has worked pretty well for the last 12-or-so-years, when I had about 10 readers on Livejournal. But now I’ve got 2.2 million readers and the audience/creator dynamic is very different.

As my audience has grown I’ve started to attract some bad actors who attack my life under the veil of cowardly anonymity. I’ve been able to ignore them for the most part, but over the last year the hateful messages have taken on a disturbing racist rhetoric and sometime they contain veiled death threats. Which is scary and unacceptable.

This isn’t fun for me anymore. This hasn’t been fun for a while. I only see it trending worse.

I feel like my only option is to close the blog down.

I’ve had a really good run. 15-years, yay! Its gotten so bad that I’m relieved to have the option to close it down. This is a good stopping point. My journey in San Francisco is coming to an end, got a new job, moving my pups up north.

I feel like the time I spend on my blog fielding “blog stuff” can be better spent on other creative projects.

Thank you everyone for reading, I really appreciate it.

Verbal signature, Noodles and Beef.


Tokyo 🚄 Osaka

Bullet train.

It’s running faster than the sensor refresh rate of my cellphone, so buildings are skewed diagonally. Wow.

Tank Interviewed By Gpup Alpha

Tank, pup and slave to Master Dylan AKA Noodles And Beef kindly agrees to share some of his life in this exclusive video.

(via Tank Interviewed By Gpup Alpha - YouTube)

He’s adorable <3

@brandedbulltank was interviewed last week by his friend Gpup Alpha of the famous Sirius pup pack.  Unlike my interview, tank is a natural in front of the camera.  I just get happy watching him.

I’m not very good at video, sorry its a bit bright.

The valley was carpeted with thick, plush, stalks of grass that took on a beautiful velvety effect in the wind. It was so tranquil I felt hypnotized by the beauty.

Master Dylan has been kind enough to share a rare interview in which he talks about relationships, non binary groupings, polyamory, power exchange and master slave relationships.

His open and frank discussion is an interesting contrast to the heteronormative binary relationship discussions often heard within the community.

You can learn more about human pup play at: 

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha, Sirius Pup Australia

My friend Gpup Alpha (of the famous Sirius pup pack) invited tank and I for interviews.  I’m happy to contribute to his project, but video is not my format so I apologize for my awkwardness. I prefer photos and writing because it gives me time to compose myself and be more articulate.

Testing the new gif maker feature of the android Tumblr app. Ios has had this for months.


I decided forego the poi this time around and decided to rock the flags my buddy @noodlesandbeef gave me. People were loving it. I guess flagging isn’t a common sight at music festivals.

@bigxbad, your flagging makes me happy it’s so beautiful. Also the flags I made for you look like watermelon slices.

I’ve taken about 600 photos on this trip (day three everyone!) and am very, very behind in processing them all.

So please enjoy this video of the Sirius Pups pack and a real dog.

A video posted by @danybb on

From last night’s incredible Valentine’s dinner with big pup. The plating was gorgeous.

Thank you again, big pup. I love you so much.

For big pup’s Christmas present, I enrolled him in a two-month-long beginning improv class. The goal of which was to help him think on his feet and train the creative muscle.

I wasn’t sure I’d be getting anything out of it besides more intimate time with big pup, but tonight’s class was… Challenging.

We were doing two minute scenes, starts with one character in a position of high status, another in low status. At the one minute mark we trade statuses.

My feedback has been that I’m unable to be low status. Even in portraying a passive role, I come off as too aggressive.  (I think they might be conflating power with status).

New scene.  The high status character was my dad, he opened with being disappointed in his son for not joining the football team.  I responded by wheeling myself closer, pantomiming a wheelchair.  I thought this would make me low status–the crippled child–but instead it put me in the high class position.  Hmm.

Second attempt (video above) I tried more passive body language until the inflection time. Probably did too much passive wiggling.

Sorry in advanced to anyone who has acting experience. I’m an amateur.