Noodles and Beef

Best food on the trip. I convinced big pup to eat from this taco shanty tucked away in a side street. Handmade corn quesadilas, fried on an oil drum. $0.25 cents each.

I have a therapist. He says that it is okay I’m very controlling because a very controlling women do good in business

–big pup’s mom, please read in Sofia Vergara’s voice.

I love his mom, but she was micro managing my cooking for their Christmas feast. There is no doubt in my mind where big pup gets his submissive side from.

Big pup took me to see Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie. Fantastic movie, intense dialog, lots of “walk with me” scenes.

This was my first time at a full service theater. Incredible. Oversized leather recliners, waiters took your order for popcorn and light meals, I got a guava smoothie.

Very happy to find a Mexican Sushi restaurant open today.

Lime jalapeño soy sauce, mango cream cheese sushi rolls, deep fried everything.

It’s so far removed from anything Japanese that it has become it’s own cuisine entirely.

I’m am the weeds, guys.

Big pups family knows how to eat. Happy everything turned out perfect… Well, the risotto dried out a bit in the chafing tray, otherwise amazing.

Everyone is complimenting me in their best English and my third grade Spanish is being put through its paces.

Shower outtakes.

As you can see, it was very cold. I had to do it a few times for the right shot.  Huff.

On our last night at the boutique hotel, big pup surprised me with a wonderful candlelit dinner overlooking the beach.  It was so warm I ate dinner shirtless.

Ceviche, grilled octopus, and some white fish I could not identify.  

Absolutely incredible.

Cooking Christmas dinner for 20 of big pup’s family while in Mexico.
Currently brining two 18-pound turkies, salt curing 22-pounds of ribeye steak.

The boutique hotel was absolutely beautiful.  20 suites on the entire property, and just three were occupied. It felt like we had the entire place to ourselves.

Which meant lots of fooling around in the showers, grounds, and hammocks.

Having big pup walk around in his jock was…exhilarating.