Noodles and Beef




Flashback to EDCLV2015. My 2nd consecutive EDC and it was an amazing experience just as the last. But what made this one even more special were the people I got to experience it with and the moments we made together. From watching my bestfriends bigxbad and akbearcub get married under the electric sky, to catching up with theinscrutablepanda, and to finally meeting noodlesandbeef carnenchiladas ginger-beef cublifeboston. Here’s to more adventures. Love You Guys! Press Play and Enjoy!

Watch me ride noodlesandbeef.
*wait what?
bigxbad riding me shortly after his wedding.


This 2015 Electronic Daisy Carnival, I secretly planned for Tony (akbearcub) and I to get married. I sprung the surprise just the evening before the actual day. It was so special to have so many of our friends from across the US and local Alaska there to witness our union.

One of the biggest surprises of all, we just so happen to be the first ever same sex couple to be legally married at EDC!

Big hugs to my secret agents aboveaaandbeyonce and noodlesandbeef for helping me pull all this together leading up to the event.

Thank you to ginger-beef, cublifeboston, theinscrutablepanda, carnenchiladas, Alpha and everyone that we met out there for spending this epic weekend with us.

Ahhh, happy tears!
So glad I got to be part of this, I love you guys :D

Time to shave my back.

Hotel Butts Vegas outtake, with alpha.

Hotel Butts: Vegas

My second hotel butts photo in Vegas, this time from the Delano (previous hotel butt photo taken at the Wynn).  My quads look amazing at this angle…but its clear I need to shave my back.

Our room faced away from the strip which resulted in some beautiful high-key (over exposed) lighting.

More pool day photos from this weekend. 110-degree heat wasn’t so bad in the lazy river.

Look at all these handsome boys :D

At The Bathhouse. Everything is slate and masculine. I love it.


Flagging at Blau last night. What an incredible night. More to come when I get back to Boston.

Gahh. Amazing flagging.

Last night three pups and I went to the Wicked Spoon buffet. Really exceptional buffet experience. Seafood on par with restaurants in San Francisco, exotic selection of cured meats, and a gelato bar. I was very happy :)