Noodles and Beef

Toronto Pride’s graphic design is always on point.

Just look at this gorgeousness.

I love this year’s theme of a rainbow spoke.  Each event a slight variation of the spoke…

…sigh, wish I were going this year, looks like another incredible pride.

Basic poutine and butter chicken curry grilled cheese. Wow.

Closing out WorldPride Toronto with REVIVAL and Comfort Zone. Absolutely incredible night of dancing, music, and friends. 

Got to say goodbye to my all-time favourite space: The Guvernmet.  Six massive dance areas, liquid nitrogen blasts timed with the music, and the top floor “Sky Bar” is an outdoor dance area with cabanas and a floor of outtake vents blasting you with hot air.  Its a really incredible space…that will be turned into condos soon.  Got my final “goodbye” dance in.

And, while at Guvernment, I got to meet my all-time favourite DJ, DJ Kitty Glitter.  She pointed at me in the crowd and motioned me to come into her DJ booth spaceship.  It was amazing.  I was such a fanboy. It was like getting touched by Beyonce.

AND I introduced Big pup to the wonders of after hours dancing at Comfort Zone. Its this nondescript club hidden in China town. The people who go to Comfort Zone are there to dance.  You had flaggers, poi, glow stickers, everyone had incredible foot work…it was amazing.  The crowd was a cross section of bros, candy ravers, gay dudes…no judgement, just dancing.

Thank you Tim, Yung, David, Greg, and truenorthstrongfree for making our trip so incredible!

Danced until sunrise at the legendary Comfort Zone. It’s this magical after hours club where everyone is just dancing. No standing around, no alcohol, just dancing, black lights, poi, flags, glow sticks.

It’s also the only club I’ve been to that sells ice cream. Which is awesome after twelve hours of dancing.

Briefly walked through Church St for WorldPride Toronto. Met cool people like cobarts and other folks who recognized me from my lil’ blog :D

It was very quick.  Wished I had energy to do the Greenspace party today, but big pup and I were pretty exhausted.​

Wow, sunshine to torrential downpour in under a minute. Never been caught in the rain before…surreal. I guess I wait for it to pass?

Trying to feed our hangover from last night’s epic party. Skipping the parties tonight so we can be well rested for Revival.

Counter clockwise from top: Butter chicken, more bao burgers, and a Tim Hortons.

White party themed main event at Sound Factory….wow! This place is amazing. Views of Toronto skyline from multiple outdoor dance areas, three levels of dancing, and couches. So many couches.

Annnnd home from the tea dance.  Got to catch the tail-end of DJ Kitty Glitter’s set and about an hour of Chus and Ceballos playing happy vocal dance.

Getting ready for today’s tea dance: AQUA.  Wearing the same red speedo as last time…glad it still fits!

On to the next party: Boot Camp.

Better music. Huge space. And I felt sexy.

A good way to kick off the pride party weekend.