Noodles and Beef

It was very cold and windy, so we mostly stayed behind the rocks and laid out in the sun.

Did I mention its almost Thor’s birthday?

We took him to the beach (which he loves) to take some birthday invite photos.

Happy thanksgiving, Thor

Went to the pumpkin patch with the pups today.  Big pup found a farm near Santa Cruz that had a giant haystack maze…totally awesome.  Had a sexy time getting lost and finding a giant minotaur in the middle.

I was in a really subby mood and had asked alpha to switch with me for the day.  Had a really nice time being pup, wearing an older (doesn’t quite fit my neck anymore) collar all day.

Morning cuddles. Thor will always be a puppy.


Happy National Dog Day Everyone!

He’s got a barkbox to celebrate today.

Alpha has been jogging with Thor while I’ve been away…shirtless, apparently.

Can you just imagine this beefcake running around your neighborhood?  Pecs bouncing, package swaying, the jingle of his collar letting you know he’s coming closer.