Noodles and Beef

Outtakes from Taipei.

Exploring another night market with my host Wolfbear and Steve.  This one was mostly food :D

More photos from the official photographer at TIGER Festival 2 Pool Party.

We did that pool/bear/centipede for most of the party.

Snack before my flight: Japanese style braised beef, $2USD.

Food is just stupid cheap here. I’m going to miss it.

Best dim sum of my life. Wow. Definitely earned that Michelin star…And cheap too! Spent $20USD on five kinds of dim sum.

I’m still reeling, food high, fifth time I’ve had a rush from eating extremely good food. Last place to earn that distinction was the French Laundry.

Every part of the meal was so perfect, all the way down to the utensils: textured black chopsticks, perfectly weighted and balanced, tipped with stainless steel. They feel like weapons.

I bought six pair for home. They’re gorgeous.

Ending my trip in Taipei at the world famous Dim Tai Fung. The only dim sum restaurant to hold a Michelin star.

Clockwise from top: truffle pork xiaolongbao, pork wonton, chicken pot sticker, and (not pictured) pork charxhabao.

Captain outfits with wolfbear :D

Flagging at the TIGER BAR pool party.

Hotel has Japanese ofuro style tub…It’s about three feet deep..oh god yes.

Hotel has Japanese ofuro style tub…It’s about three feet deep..oh god yes.

Eventually I had 20 beefy Japanese gachimuchi hanging off me. Very sticky rice.

Poi flagging at the beach party, taken by the official party photographer.

Checked into my hotel today.  I picked it strategically for the view of Taipei 101, and here’s my obligatory backside hotel shot.