Noodles and Beef

Submission from this beautiful boy in KY:

I was allowed to enter into the 2015 Kentucky Bourbon Bear Contest and I had a blast.

I crawled on to the stage and sat patiently until I was told to continue modeling off my outfit.  my modeling included flexing my large calves in front of the judges  and shaking my rump some too.  During this category they wanted us to write a wanted ad.   So I decided to write one that would attract Sir:

“Submissive boy seeking Sir with a strong dominate hand for guidance and discipline. He must enjoy foot rubs, southern cooking, and helping me stretch various ‘muscles’.”

…then they called the contestants for the announcing of who won.  The bears were annouced first.  “Your new 2015 Kentucky Bourbon Bear is…. Contestant number 2, Ray Smith”.  The audience roared with applause I was so happy to have won. 

Geeze, look at those thighs…

Congratulations on winning the Kentucky Bourbon Bear Contest, boy!  You’re going to make a Sir very proud one day.

Submission from xflintx:

I feel like I’m a little late to the party but I thought I’d submit this anyway. 

…phew, this is very hot. How could I not post it?  Love everything about this photo…cute pup, on his knees, fitting a big redbull can in his mouth.  (Kinda). 

fuzzbutt07 says:

If a well trained pro can’t do it… Well. What’s a bull to do?

Gah…are you doing this on purpose?  Its really not that big, lemme just be gentle, we can make it fit.  Right?

Submitted by @chriscanandwill.

This song haunts me.  The anthem of #big-dick-humiliation.

So, I am always in love with your Christmas reindeer outfit, and I decided to get  picture of my kangaroo fursona in a similar outfit.

This was done by bgn on furaffinity.

I love it :D  The resemblance is perfect, does this mean you’re cosplaying me?

Question from Jonathan

Question from Jonathan:

Hey Dylan and crew!  I have been following your blog for a few years now, and I absolutely love it!  I always wanted to ask this question but was too timid.  For my entire life, even as a child, I have had a macrophile fetish.  There isn’t much out there too “satisfy” that fetish, but it seems like something that could be pertinent to the four of you, considering your love of being huge, your desire to grow even bigger, and the whole dom/sub scenario.  So my question is: do any of you have this fetish, or has it ever been (or would it ever be) a part of your role playing?  I can just imagine you walking around like a giant on a rampage, swinging that huge bulge of yours (like you did in some recent video posts) as it looms over a city, and all your pups totally submitting to your demands. :)  Anyway, keep up the great growth!  -Jonathan

Big pup and I are into growth (muscle, size, etc), but not necessarily macrophilia.  That hasn’t stopped me from playing with pups who were into macro/micro stuff.  Some very hot scenes involve size play :)

Roleplay is the only outlet for this fetish.  Erotic fiction, sexting, etc…

Did know where to send you this, wasn’t a question. Just wanted to say you have a great smile! Plus Dylan Pose!

You can send handsome Dylan pose photos to me right here!

Submission from Stephen:

Belated Happy Birthday, Baby Bull [a Grandpa Bull (the 24th) can say that Dylan] … so here’s a Memory Monday … I snapped this years ago when I first saw you at Dore Alley

Wow. Thank you for this…I was so skinny back then, It’s good remembering how far I’ve come.

madanayr submitted:

I wanna say I’m a big fan. You and your pups seem so incredibly awesome, and I love being able to get a glimpse of your beautiful relationship and family life. It puts a big ole smile on my face :)

You guys are so great, I wanted to do a little something for ya’ll.  I hope it’s not too cheesy for ya, but just something to let you know you’re very much appreciated.

Wow. Thank you so much, its really hot :D

I’m so flattered when folks draw me, or my pup, or all of us together like this.  The pups love it, btw, thank you!

Super happy with my Noodles & Beef 2014 Calendar! <3 and Dylan Pose ‘cause it rules. 

A #DylanPose…I’ll get it looking good someday…And here’s Charlie putting us all to shame.  ;-)

I love when beefy guys do the Dylan Pose.  Thanks John and Carlie!  Hope to meet you both soon :D

A #DylanPose…I’ll get it looking good someday…And here’s Charlie putting us all to shame.  ;-)

I love when beefy guys do the Dylan Pose.  Thanks John and Carlie!  Hope to meet you both soon :D