Noodles and Beef

I take lots of photos.  Literally thousands.  But, I’m very selective about what photos (and, in turn, memories) I post and write about.  It has the effect of casting everything in a rose-tinted light.  

Sometimes I’ll go back through my archives and relieve the photos I didn’t share.

This was taken near Ha Long Bay.  I was having a difficult time during the cruise and would escape to the bottom-most deck for privacy.  I didn’t post it then because the feelings associated with that time were very difficult.  But, now I look at the photo and have good, fond memories.

Anyway, here’s a so-so photo I didn’t post.

Okay, final batch of photos from Asia.

I really need to do second passes for my vacation pics…I forget about these gems when I’m only interested in posting the “best” photos.

Darn art director mentality.

Last stop of the trip: Hong Kong

Officially one of the only major cities I could see myself living in, HK was amazing.  So much to see and do, and we only had one day.  We hit the night market, perused knock-off LV bags, fresh fish, and watched feral cats wander into restaurant alleys to never return.

Also, it was raining.  Kinda romantic wetness.

Our cruise ended with a raging white party.  We danced through rain, eventually moving the party indoors at 4am.

I wore a simple white jockstrap for white party, and still felt over-dressed.  So glad I bought my flags!




The market we visited in Vietnam was gorgeous. Bustling with people, fruits, spices, exotic sex powders, knock-off gadgets…I loved it.

Our tour guide in Vietnam ran out of historical things to talk about, so he started singing to us.

Our tour guide said yellow walls were good luck in Vietnam.

They also make great photo backdrops.