Noodles and Beef

First class return flight! Ahhh! Leg room! Massage chair! Drinks! Meal service!

Years and years of traveling and i finally have enough miles to upgrade us out of screaming baby hellscape slash economy minus. Probably could’ve used my miles for a transcontinental flight instead, but very happy to have this right now.

I identify as the fourth gender: floating time baby.

One last dip at our hotel’s rooftop pool.

We rented a 2014 Dodge Challenger to explore SoCal. Its a very sexy car.

Big pup showering.

Very interesting room layout.  The shower is in the middle of the room and has windows so you can see whomever is showering from anywhere in the room.  Very dramatic…impractical if you are shy.

Enjoying the last few hours poolside.

Breakfast with big pup at the roof of our hotel. Gorgeous views.


Noodles and Beef was not shy at all trying on this outfit @roughtradegear today. #noodlesandbeef#neoprenegear#ftgrunt#neonjockstrap#hairychest#sexy#athletic#muscles#beards

Visited roughtradegear in L.A. for some of their unique gear. Picked up a harness for big pup, and this outfit for myself :) There was this abuelita running the store. Absolutely adorable her Mexican mom juxtaposition to the hardcore leather and fetish on sale.