Noodles and Beef

151/365 Next Steps

I’ve restarted @brandedbulltank‘s serial photo project to help reignite his creative drive…and today he asked me to be a guest in his photo!

We took two photos.  Mine and his.  I’ll reblog his version soon as it’s up.

I love you pup, thank you for having me.

Weekend trip with @alphabeef to Tassajara: an old Zen buddhist monastery that features some wonderful sulfur hotsprings.

It was gorgeous.  Wildflowers in bloom, everything so lush, sulfur on the warm wind…but this was also the peak of horsefly season. We couldn’t go very far without being swarmed, and bug spray was ineffective.


Lots of running through fields naked.

I’ve written a lot about my love of hot springs and bathing culture…natural hot springs are just so special to me.

Dad used to take me hiking to natural hot springs deep in Big Sur…and now the smell of sulfur makes me nostalgic.

Hotel Butts: Wilbur Hot Springs

Big pup’s birthday present to me: a weekend at Wilbur Hot Springs.

A vegan nudist wilderness reserve with a handful of natural sulfur hot springs fed by boiling hot geysers.

We hiked out to this tub in the middle of a lush field and soaked as the sun set.


Half-way picnic on our hike.

Saw a rare California Newt.  

Later, tank took me on a wonderful hike at the Purisima Creek Redwoods.  Gorgeous, 76-degrees, nobody around.  Found the trail head very quickly.

Playing with my new Sony 85mm F1.4 GM.

The thing is a beast. Stupid big and heavy, it completely removes the
portability afforded by my mirrorless full-frame camera. You know, the
entire reason why I shoot with a mirrorless system.

And yet, I can already feel myself falling in love with this lens. I might
have to make a concession for it’s size because the photos it produces are
so beautiful. Exceptional blur, extremely fast, and incredible performance
in low light situations.

These photos were taken at 100iso in a dimly-lit hotel bedroom. Its like
the thing has night vision.