I am your host, Noodles and Beef, and welcome to my blog. It's my creative dumping ground and journal. I post work from my photo projects, sketches from my notepad, and infographics from my research. Sometimes I write about my body dysmorphia but more often I post photos of my butt. I am in a D/s relationship with two wonderful pups. Your hair looks amazing today.

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog, I hope you enjoy it!

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Progress update: 230lbs

I haven’t been this small in over two years.  Eek…

My waist is down 2-inches, but I don’t feel much more defined.

Not sure how much more cutting (read: emotional anguish) I can endure.  Might start bulking next month.

What's you favorite picture of your butt?

My most popular butt photo on Flickr is my homage to the iconic Tennis Girl photo by Martin Elliot, followed by me demonstrating lordosis behaviour, and me getting naked at Black Sands Beach in SF:

image image image

My most popular butt photo on tumblr is this cell phone shot of me in my Nasty Pig union suit, followed by me naked on a motorcycle, and washing a car…naked:

image image image

And my personal favourite butt photo?

My XXXmas Costume from behind, me showing off my new chalkboard wall, and me bent over in a parking lot.

image image image

What’s your favourite?  Reblog and let me know, I’m curious.

Hold on there, this is important.

Hi, I'm Noodles and Beef and welcome to my blog. How are you? Your hair looks great today. What's your secret? I think its important we get to know each other a little bit before you continue.

I've been updating this blog for over 13-years to help me remember and better appreciate my life experiences. I blog for my own benefit, so the content can be extremely personal and sometimes that makes people uncomfortable.

We just met, so I'm not sure what makes you uncomfortable.

Thats why you need to be at least 18-years-old to continue...and if it makes you uncomfortable, just stop reading my blog, okay?

I agree