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Photos I forgot to post of the ever handsome bigxbad.

His “first time” flagging, he was doing perfectly executed spins, card shuffling, and poi-inspired five beat weaves.

Second photo is at the rest point during our bike ride.  Caught him on the staircase.  Very handsome when exhausted.



Day 7 Bear Week:

Here are some of the few pictures I captured of the BBQ that we held at the house. We poi, flagged, the music blasted all while people chowed down on some good home made burgers, and snacks. Thank you to everyone that come and brought their own yummy treats. Everyone here (and those not pictured that are inside the house) have grown to become our Ptown fam. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon, just before going hard at our last tea dance and Fireman’s Ball.

It was such a great day.  noodlesandbeef, bigxbad, and Nick all took turns playing with my flags and flag poi.  It was such an amazing day that was followed by an even greater night.

So many feelings that just can’t be written down.

*BIG HUGS* to all of you!! (I think we all cracked each others backs multiple times that day haha)

Ahhh, I loved our bbq flag battle, @cublifeboston.

We originally threw the barbecue to get rid of our excess food, and ended up with more when it was over. Sigh!

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Found this shot of all the flaggers at tea by photographer Dan McKeon.
It was awesome.  More and more flaggers just started showing up and soon we had a big group going.

Found this shot of all the flaggers at tea by photographer Dan McKeon.

It was awesome.  More and more flaggers just started showing up and soon we had a big group going.

Ptown Bear Week Day 7:

Recommended soundtrack for this post: Last Dance by Donna Summer (Reverend P Remix)

Last full day in ptown. We held our Bearbecue Party (see flyer here) then headed to last tea. Flagged, danced, hung out with friends…the best tea of the week.

Got home and changed into our FIREMAN’S BALL outfits: bigxbad as a gogo fireman, ginger-beef in a couture fireman kilt, Chuck pup as a dalmation, and the rest of us wore suspenders that loosely translated to sexy fireman.

The party was incredible. We danced non-stop from open to close as they kicked us out onto the street.  When we got home, I made burgers for the boys as we tried to milk out the last few moments from our amazing trip.

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