Noodles and Beef


#fbf and a HUGE Happy Birthday to @Noodlesandbeef. This was 2012 Ptown bear week the first time we met after YEARS of being internet friends. Much love to one of my closest friends.

Sorry for the slow response, pup Rusty.  Took longer than expected to find my photos from that day :)

We didn’t want to do the “death march” through the marsh to gay beach, so we took my friend Yung’s advice and took the ferry instead.

You and brandedbulltank were being super cute.  

Unfortunately, the ferry dropped us off at the wrong beach and we thought we’d walk around the cove to gay beach.  Whoops :x

Still, lots of wonderful memories from that trip.  I miss you so much, thank you for being in my life, love you ginger-beef :D

Chuck pup at sunset (leftovers from ptown)

Chuck pup and I in Ptown after a long bike ride.

More shots from our day at sea.  Poor akbearcub was not happy about the deep, cold water, bigxbad had to play lifeguard and bring him back to ship.

FINALLY, a candid shot of ginger-beef.  He’s usually such a ham, it’s nearly impossible catching him off-guard with his natural handsomeness.

Lets all pretend the backpack is a harness.

Splashing around with bigxbad post bike ride.

Hotties of ptown <3

Photos I forgot to post of the ever handsome bigxbad.

His “first time” flagging, he was doing perfectly executed spins, card shuffling, and poi-inspired five beat weaves.

Second photo is at the rest point during our bike ride.  Caught him on the staircase.  Very handsome when exhausted.



Day 7 Bear Week:

Here are some of the few pictures I captured of the BBQ that we held at the house. We poi, flagged, the music blasted all while people chowed down on some good home made burgers, and snacks. Thank you to everyone that come and brought their own yummy treats. Everyone here (and those not pictured that are inside the house) have grown to become our Ptown fam. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon, just before going hard at our last tea dance and Fireman’s Ball.

It was such a great day.  noodlesandbeef, bigxbad, and Nick all took turns playing with my flags and flag poi.  It was such an amazing day that was followed by an even greater night.

So many feelings that just can’t be written down.

*BIG HUGS* to all of you!! (I think we all cracked each others backs multiple times that day haha)

Ahhh, I loved our bbq flag battle, @cublifeboston.

We originally threw the barbecue to get rid of our excess food, and ended up with more when it was over. Sigh!