Noodles and Beef

Anonymous asks:
Were your calves always big? What would you suggest to bulk up legs, especially calves?

The chart above shows my average calf measurement and bodyweight over the last 10 years.

I’ve gained over 100 pounds of muscle and my calves haven’t really changed much.

If you believe my calves are big now, then yes, they have always been “big” because they haven’t changed much since I started bodybuilding.

Calf size and shape is largely determined by genetics. There is no advice I can give here.

Word vomit ahead. I’m sorry.

Holding firm at 230lbs.

My spreadsheets indicate good progress. Trunk is down ten inches from the last time I was 230lbs, giving me an 12" drop (chest-waist). My proportions are the best they’ve ever been. I have a nice four pack and visible Adonis lines.

My emotional state is awful.

Arms are down to a pathetic 17" cold, thighs are just 27", and I can’t even bring myself to measure my rump; paralyzed with fear it shrank.

I cannot cut down anymore. But I can’t just jump back into bulking. Need to be under 240lbs for certain surprises, have to look good for beef visit next month, etc…

I’ve started stockpiling bulking supplies for when I return from my trip. Going to have my most rewarding bulk yet.

Just gotta hold it together a little longer. I feel like I could crack at any moment. Big pup was wonderful and removed the bedroom mirror so I don’t wake up to a sad skinny me.

Less than a month.

My cutting has been going well. I can fit into a size 30 waist and have abdominal dimples when relaxed.

I am 235lbs. The lightest I’ve been since 2012.

Previous cuts I’ve dropped to 240-250lbs and started experiencing body anxiety, light body dysmorphia, occasionally an attack. But not this time.

I think I am (starting to be) happy (maybe) with my body. (Knock on wood).

I actually want to continue cutting until I have a six pack again. I’m just curious what that would look like. I’m only 15lbs away from a body fat percentage low enough to support a six pack.

Possibly related: I’m really enjoying the size difference between my pups and I. They’re all huge, super heavyweight bodybuilders, and they’re just growing bigger as I cut smaller.

Today at the gym I was stretching on the floor. My pups came to stand over me, unintentionally emphasizing their giant-like size. Instant boner.

I find myself enjoying the “encourager” role more. Almost like I’ve reconciled that I’ll never be big and am vicariously living through the growth of my pups.

Sorry for the thought dump. Lots of things to process.

20lbs down in my first month of cutting. I woke up this morning to a vein on my stomach. I estimate 10lbs until firmly visibly six pack.

oddinvention asks:
do you have any photos from when you were younger or when you first started lifting

Here you go: my year-by-year progress montage.  Now updated to include 2015.

I started “seriously” lifting in 2006 at 140lbs.  My biggest was 2013 at 260lbs.  I bulked up to 255lbs this year, but have been too scared to take my measurements, so I don’t know if I’m as big or smaller than 2013.

Comparing photos of myself at my biggest to my current smallness.

I know my body composition has improved, but I’ve been feeling very small lately.  I’m hoping my next bulk will go better than the last couple attempts.  I’ve been very bad about eating enough calories to sustain growth…I think thats the culprit.

Progress photos, 245lbs.

Not really having much progress this bulk….but I’m not shrinking.  I need to re-evaluate my workout and diet and supplements…but geeze, I’m getting kind of bodybuilding fatigue.

Maybe switching to cutting early will help switch things up.

Every Folsom I wear a simple black singlet, which makes it very easy to do a yearly progress photo.

My stats are down since last Folsom…I’m slightly smaller and it shows in my photo, but my proportions are better.  My midsection is smaller, and that might make me look a little better.

Kind of depressing.  Sigh.  Hope I can regain some of my lost size during this year’s bulk.

Submission from Stephen:

Belated Happy Birthday, Baby Bull [a Grandpa Bull (the 24th) can say that Dylan] … so here’s a Memory Monday … I snapped this years ago when I first saw you at Dore Alley

Wow. Thank you for this…I was so skinny back then, It’s good remembering how far I’ve come.

Top row: me at 230lbs a couple years back.

Bottom row: me at 230lbs now.

This is the first time I’ve been 230lbs in over two years, and I’m freaking out a little because I think I’m not making progress.  Its important to compare myself at 230lbs then versus now.

  • Arms are +1.5" larger
  • Chest is +½" larger
  • Thighs and butt are +½" larger
  • Shoulders are +5" broader (this is a weird measurement because growth in my upper back and chest can skew accuracy)
  • But, most importantly, my midsection is -8" smaller

I might be the same weight, but my midsection is much smaller.  This means my overall bodyfat is lower, hence why I’m more defined.  

I was freaking out because I feel like I haven’t made much progress in two years (like my arms are barely bigger), but I am much leaner.  That means I probably experienced a lot of muscle growth, but because of the fat loss, its harder to measure.  All I know is I’m more defined and my proportions are better.

Progress update: 230lbs

I haven’t been this small in over two years.  Eek…

My waist is down 2-inches, but I don’t feel much more defined.

Not sure how much more cutting (read: emotional anguish) I can endure.  Might start bulking next month.

240lbs progress update: 

  • Arms stuck at 19"
  • Chest slightly bigger to 50.5"
  • Thighs down to 26.5"
  • Butt up to 45"
  • Nothing else changed


Lack of progress is frustrating.