Noodles and Beef

The Rump Eclipse

Pose yourself perpendicularly to the camera and shift all your weight onto the leg closest to the camera. This accentuates the curve of your thighs and ass.  For best results, make sure you’re lit with ¾’s light to highlight the ridge of your other cheek. Combine with crossed arms or the classic-Dylan-pose to make your upper body look bigger. 

Difficulty: Very

The Evita

Also known as the “Don’t Cry for me Argentina,” The Evita is a fanciful pose that makes you look like you’re having an awesome time…but it’s actually a strategic illusion! By raising your arms out and widing your stance (like you’re making the letter “X” out of your body) you make your waist look proportionately smaller.  This is great for those fat days

Difficulty: 8/10

Forced Perspective Pose

By angling your elbow towards the camera, it makes your arm look larger through forced perspective.  This works great when posing with friends. 

Difficulty: 4/10

Poser Guide to making yourself look Bigger

Following up on arfabear’s question about my poses, here is a dossier on my most frequented poses. You’re all familiar with the Dylan Pose, but what about the other techniques and poses I use to make myself photograph better?

The Classic Dylan Pose

Triceps out (pout is actually optional). Your Triceps are much larger than your biceps, so turning them outwards gives the illusion that your arms are much bigger…and bigger arms (in contrast to your waist) makes you look proportionally huge.  

Difficulty: 2/10