Noodles and Beef

Anonymous asks:
Why would you move to Portland??

First, why leave San Francisco?

I’ve been here for almost ten years.  I love San Francisco very much, but the city has changed a lot in that time.  

An influx of money brought about by innovation and progressive policy has made this city very expensive…driving out the very people and culture that made this place so wonderful.  Replacing these bohemians are people who can afford to live in this expensive city.  Unfortunately, they are so new to living here that they do not respect the existing culture and that has created some conflict.

Thats why we are thinking about leaving SF.  I’ve been working on a three year plan to identify a new place to live and move there.  We picked Portland.


But why Portland?

Our acceptance criteria for a new city was based on our favourite pieces of San Francisco with things we needed to be happy:

  1. Our new home needs to be affordable
  2. Align with our socio-political views
  3. Safe from worst-case-scenario global warming catastrophe
  4. Excellent public transit
  5. World class food
  6. Gay scene
  7. Near lots of nature or the ocean
  8. Major airport so travel is inexpensive

Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, and Boston all measured highly, but Portland was the best option.

We have a couple more years till we move.  I’m spending that time looking for our future home.


The Compound

For the price of a 600sq studio in San Francisco, I can have an 8,000sq compound built on a four acre plot of land near downtown Portland.

Having a place built to my exact specifications means the perfect home for a growing family of bodybuilders.  Multiple gourmet kitchens, locker room style communal showers, different themed sex dungeons hidden behind bookshelves, a powerlifting gym, etc…

Considering we’re currently living in a 900sq apartment, this compound would provide lots of room to grow.

Anonymous asks:
Will you ever come visit Portland Oregon again ?

At Powell’s City of Books.

I hope to visit soon!  We’re planning on moving there in a couple years, so I’ll probably be coming up between now and then to look at houses.

I took the pups on an 8-hour hike through Marquam Nature Park.

It was raining about 90% of the time…It was amazing.

I wish I had my Edible Wild Plants of the Pacific North-West book…I think I identified about a dozen plants I wanted to eat.  Like freshly sprouting fiddlehead ferns.

Portland with my pups.

Did a lot on day one.  Ate a little bit of everything and did some window shopping.  Got lost in Powell’s City of Books.  Ended up in China town.  Made our way through the Pearl.  Ate more.

Good times.

Tomorrow we go hiking in the rain!

Delicious empanadas as made by a tiny Colombian woman out of a food truck. Ahhh…this city!

Donut montage. Blue Sky > Voodoo…wow.

Donut montage. Blue Sky > Voodoo…wow.

First noms

Brb, taking my pups to Portland! We’ll be exploring the city through food and hiking.

Rain on Flickr.

It was very rainy in Portland.

24 hours in Portland. The city is turning me into a hipster.