Noodles and Beef

orangehares asks:
not really a question. just wanted to share how much i love seeing you and your pups becoming bigger bulls each year!! the visual transformation is insanely wonderful to watch.

Oh, its so hot watching them grow.  I love it.  Helping them beef up is incredibly satisfying.

orangehares asks:
I want to watch you show off bull. Showcase your most bulgey underwear for the world to see. Show them what a submissive stud you are. Those submissive thoughts trickilng down from your mind into your cock, inflating it, making it grow, getting thicker and fatter than ever before. That submission possesing you and a hearty moo leaving your lips at the acceptance of the fact you are a fat cocked bull with a dick to fat to breed.


Any requests for underwear?

orangehares asks:
The time you broke a chastity device with your cock was pretty humiliating. your massive piece of meat is not allowed to be hidden away, its fobidden to be shrunk down. You have a massive cock and you are forced to show the whole world. No matter what clothes you where your bulge will show through and everyone walking past you in the street can see it. They see it and objectify you, a hot juicy piece of meat with a man attatched. Thats what you are and for alot of people, all you will ever be

That was incredibly humiliating.  I was wearing the chastity device for “role reversal week” part of my #52weeksofkink photo project.

I just wanted to be a good pup and stay chaste to my Sir!  I couldn’t fit into the CB series chastity devices, and even this stretchy oxballs cage broke apart.

*hysterical sobbing*