Noodles and Beef

Fantastic party at the Mayan fort new years. Got to dance with friends from SF, and a bunch of new friends we’ve made here in LA on this trip.

Had some really nice pup time with alpha and big pup. Then I got to switch with alpha, and he indulged my subby side for a little bit.

The party started getting a little boring around 3am though. Music was okay… A little hard for me.

The highlight of my night was getting cute messages from @innerbear while I was bored with the music.

Incredible dinner at chef Timothy Hollingsworth’s new restaurant, Otium. Certainly a Michelin star contender. Dishes were exotic as they were imaginative (well, except the basic roast chicken).

Thank you for this wonderful gift, @alphabeef. Big pup and I loved it.

Doing Disneyland with my pups as part of a Christmas gift.

Lines that turn into more lines, overpriced food, park is so dense with tourists that streets become slowly moving rivers of people… This Disneyland is my own personal hell, combining nearly everything I dislike into one place.

On the bright side, this hat is very cute. But not $60 cute. I could only justify buying it if there was a Disney circuit party and I’d pair it with a bright blue thong. Brilliant.

Part two of our holiday adventure.

Rendezvous with @alphabeef in LA… Can you guess where we’re going today?