Noodles and Beef

Misc flagging portraits.

Alpha and beef, PJ, and Sky.

Drove around town, showed my pup the wharf, sea lions, where I used to life guard, the beach boardwalk, and more food.

He hasn’t earned my full collar yet…but, for this weekend, we’re taking it for a test drive.

Ahhhhh! My pup surprised me for my birthday and flew out to see me!!! Ahhh! I’m so happy, the bed can hardly handle it



I’m 500% sure that’s @innerbear and that picture was not taken in a locker room shower.

WOW!!! Someone actually took the time to photoshop me in a locker room showers and added with the caption “Cock hungry cum whore waiting for the team to finish practice” …



Original credit goes to Sir @noodlesandbeef from his wedding invitation photoshoot 

Original photo here.

Pup, I just love the caption though:


Like, if they only knew the insatiable service top that you were.


Testing the new gif maker feature of the android Tumblr app. Ios has had this for months.

One last surprise. Showed up at my pups’ work with cupcakes from magnolia bakery on my way to the airport.