Noodles and Beef

From my charity calendar poject.

February in San Francisco: warm enough to wash the car. (From my charity calendar project)

I’m incredibly honored to be part of this year’s Leather and Feather’s gala, a pre-Folsom party that benefits the AIDS Emergency Fund.  (Y'all might remember them from my other charity projects).

Last years gala was incredible, with awesome food, performances, music, and a sexy tour of the armory.

This year’s gala will be at Temple SF (gorgeous dance club) on Thursday, September 18th, and feature a fetish runway show.  I’ll be on the runway alongside (much more) handsome folks like TitanMen Exclusive Nick Prescott, International Mr Leather Andy Cross, glamorous dragqueens, and dozens more…

Kick off Folsom by doing some good before the bad: tickets are on sale now, proceeds go directly to AIDS Emergency Fund.


So I got the Bomb Ass Fantastic NoodlesandBeef 2014 Calendar, and I just noticed this. noodlesandbeef, this is proper planning.

I had to guess the pride dates because they hadn’t been announced yet, but it’s important we–as a community–honor “gay call in sick” day following pride.

Dylan, we were wondering if you were considering doing another Noodles and Beef calendar for AEF. Of course, we thought this year’s was a huge success. […] Let me know if you’d like to chat about it. Maybe over lunch on a cheat day?

Remember that charity calendar project I did?  Cal from the AEF (that handsome fella to my left) wants to know if I’m doing another calendar for 2015.

I learned a lot doing the calendar project.  There are some things I’d like to do differently if I decide to do one for 2015:

  • Lower price point but charge for shipping.  Free shipping ate up nearly half of the profits.
  • Define pre-order dates and deadlines more clearly.  I learned later that deadlines sold more calendars, and I should’ve been using them from the beginning.
  • Use a common size calendar. Instead of a giant 12x12" square calendar, do a portrait format 11x17" calendar.  Save money on shipping supplies and printing by using a more common format.
  • Don’t use three different channels to offer the calendar.  Selling on PayPal, Amazon, and my own microsite gave people more options for buying, but made it very difficult to keep up with new orders.  I lost several orders and it was hard tracking them down because of the distributed systems.
  • Get a fulfillment house. The biggest bottleneck was shipping my calendars. Doing it myself was difficult because I have so little free time to sit and pack calendars.  I would usually recruit the help of my pup or Chuck, but thats not a good long-term solution.
  • Get sponsored. Now that I have successfully launched one calendar, I have metrics on the target audience and viewership of my project.  I can guarantee millions of impressions for a brand interested in sponsoring the calendar…that could mean a lot more money for the AEF.  

So, what do you guys think?  Should I do another charity calendar project?

Super happy with my Noodles & Beef 2014 Calendar! <3 and Dylan Pose ‘cause it rules. 

Today I dropped off the check for my charity project.

Raised a little over $15,000, minus shipping/printing costs, and was able to donate $11,100 to the AIDS Emergency Fund.  There will probably be another, smaller amount donated in the future from the digital downloads, but I forgot to add those up for the giant check.

Special thanks to my pup Angus and Chuck for helping with the difficult photos, Sky pup for lending his bike, Dan P. for the printing deal, Craig for the hardware, and all my readers for helping me make this project a success.

Read more about my charity project here.


I have this odd internal conflict writing the words “Niece’s Baptism” under a sexy pic of Noodlesandbeef.

At least it’s not happening in October.

Anonymous asks:
Where you nude in the calendar or something?

The calendar is a homage to iconic gay photographer Jim French. I’ve been a huge fan of his style and had the pleasure of working with his photography when I was the art director for COLT.

To get around the taboo of gay imagery, French disguised his photography with hyper masculine tropes.  Fitness magazines with subtle gay undertones had an almost romantic quality in their subversiveness.  It was brilliant.

So, yes, sometimes I was naked.  For art.  

You can download a digital version of the calendar here.