Noodles and Beef

Hotel Butts: Wilbur Hot Springs

Big pup’s birthday present to me: a weekend at Wilbur Hot Springs.

A vegan nudist wilderness reserve with a handful of natural sulfur hot springs fed by boiling hot geysers.

We hiked out to this tub in the middle of a lush field and soaked as the sun set.


Hotel Butts: The Gate House

This was a really beautiful experience, thank you, tank.  I loved getting some pup time with you.

Hotel Butts: Sydney

Okay.  Maybe I’m a princess.

I couldn’t handle the hostel and upgraded us to a small room at a hotel overlooking the Sydney Opera House.  AC, clean bed, private bath…ahhh.

I’m still adjusting to the time difference, which means waking up before the sun rises…and getting shots like this.

Very happy with how this turned out.

Hotel Butts: Sydney, Australia

Tank and I stayed at a shabby hostel near the gay village to save money.  Terrible experience compared to American hostels.  Bugs everywhere, used condoms in our room, no AC…but, the communal showers were nice.

Hotel Butts: Kauai

I had a budget hotel room in Kauai. Ground floor, overlooking a pool that seemed to spawn children.  So I couldn’t do my usual hotel butts pose of looking broodingly into the distance from my balcony.

My hotel’s lack of AC was annoying, but meant my balls were hanging extra low.  Best time to photograph them.

Hotel Butts: Istanbul

Big pup and I only had one day in Istanbul and spent every minute power touring the bustling city.  Got back to the hotel, exhausted, had to be awake in four hours for our flight home, but decided to draw a bath.

Completely forgot I had taken this.  I was so tired when I did this shot.  It was on the spare memory card.

Hotel Butts: Our cruise ship balcony room

Like my Asia Cruise, I booked a balcony room so we could enjoy a private view of the sea….and take photos naked.

My silhouette has been contrast corrected to keep this artsy instead of crass.

Hotel Butts: Paris

For my photo series Hotel Butts, where I take photos of my butt in hotels around the world.  I wanted to do a more risqué photo, but its very difficult with all the tourists watching me from below.

Hotel Butts Vegas outtake, with alpha.