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I deserve this.

Inspired by my friend @sugarray53, I was originally going to get the Sony 28mm f2 with the 16mm fisheye attachment. Affordable, compact, good reviews, and my shortest prime was the 55mm. This lens would fill a big (narrow) gap in my collection.

Got to play with it hands-on in Akihabara…where it was sitting next to this beast:

The Carl Zeiss 25mm f2 Batis.

Smaller, lighter, and prettier than the Sony lens. It uses an OLED range finder on the barrel and looks like the brain child offspring of Jonathan Ive and Dyson.

I played with it. Love at first shot.

The best sub-55mm lens I’ve ever used. I had to have it.

Hotel Butts: Wilbur Hot Springs

Big pup’s birthday present to me: a weekend at Wilbur Hot Springs.

A vegan nudist wilderness reserve with a handful of natural sulfur hot springs fed by boiling hot geysers.

We hiked out to this tub in the middle of a lush field and soaked as the sun set.



I’ve never worn sock-garters before… They do seem to help as my calves are too chubby for most socks… :)

Sock garters are an incredibly sexy yet underutilized accessory. Its like bondage for your calves.

My camera equipment:
Sony NEX 5N (APS-C sensor)
Sony a7ii (full frame sensor)
85mm f/1.4
24-240mm f/3.5-6.3
55mm f/1.8
18-200mm f/3.5-6.3
10-18mm f/4
16mm f/2.8

Playing with my new Sony 85mm F1.4 GM.

The thing is a beast. Stupid big and heavy, it completely removes the
portability afforded by my mirrorless full-frame camera. You know, the
entire reason why I shoot with a mirrorless system.

And yet, I can already feel myself falling in love with this lens. I might
have to make a concession for it’s size because the photos it produces are
so beautiful. Exceptional blur, extremely fast, and incredible performance
in low light situations.

These photos were taken at 100iso in a dimly-lit hotel bedroom. Its like
the thing has night vision.

Anonymous asks:
I know this is a strange question but....Who the fuck holds the camera? You take such good pictures and most of them are always full shots. I am specifically talking about any of the photos that you away from home and there are only 2 of you.

I made this video almost six years ago to illustrate how I do my self portraits.

  1. Position camera with flexible tripod.
  2. Set timer or use remote trigger
  3. Take photo

Here’s the resulting photo:

My technique hasn’t changed much over the last six years, although the technology has improved a lot.  I used to have to take the photo blindly over many takes using a timer…now I can position myself perfectly using a remote view-finder on my smartphone.  Incredible.

Hotel Butts: The Gate House

This was a really beautiful experience, thank you, tank.  I loved getting some pup time with you.

Hotel Butts: Sydney

Okay.  Maybe I’m a princess.

I couldn’t handle the hostel and upgraded us to a small room at a hotel overlooking the Sydney Opera House.  AC, clean bed, private bath…ahhh.

I’m still adjusting to the time difference, which means waking up before the sun rises…and getting shots like this.

Very happy with how this turned out.



Last set of an amazing photo shoot.
Photos taken by John C Fry/tankstakes


<3 you @ginger-beef


Geeeeeze, that last one! Rusty pup, such handsome intensity!


Hotel Butts: Sydney, Australia

Tank and I stayed at a shabby hostel near the gay village to save money.  Terrible experience compared to American hostels.  Bugs everywhere, used condoms in our room, no AC…but, the communal showers were nice.


Tonight, I introduce to you one of my newest and favorite rope creations…

The double triskelion bull dog harness.

Ahhhh! This is amazing! I love it :D And brilliant use of the carabiner in the back.