Noodles and Beef

One last surprise. Showed up at my pups’ work with cupcakes from magnolia bakery on my way to the airport.

Hiking to the Kaena point…a rugged and remote volcanic coastline on the westside of Oahu.


After hiking koko head, we made our way to the mermaid caves.  Absolutely beautiful.

Koko head!

Beef pup surprised me with a sunrise hike to the top of Koko head.  A daunting hike up 1200ft of stairs.

But at the end of the hike I got to watch the sunrise with my pup.  Trade winds cooling us off.  It was perfect.

Post 8-hour hike driving around the island, naps, and grilled tuna for my pup.

@innerbear‘s mom: “Skydiving? How could he ever top that?!”

With an 8-hour hike, of course.

*8 hours later*

Recovering from our 8-hour hike.  I wish I could’ve taken more photos.  Pup kept suggesting a gopro, but I don’t think it would see what we saw.

Surprise layover in Hawaii for @innerbear‘s birthday!

I love you, pup!  Happy birthday to the man I would jump out of a plane for :)

It was a mind blowing, universe shattering, reality questioning jump and I’m so glad to share it with you.