Noodles and Beef

Closing Dore Alley weekend with the PLAY tea dance.

In my humble opinion, PLAY is one of the best parties of the year.  Where other parties that weekend (Bay of Pigs, Hog Wild, Oink Fest, etc…) are massive orgies with a robotic fucking bass beat, PLAY is first and foremost a dance party.

Incredible music featuring uplifting vocals, a massage area, flagging, complimentary snacks, free glow sticks, and a popsicle drop at 10pm…everything I love about parties I experienced at PLAY.

My pups and I spent the evening dancing and hanging out with friends…tickets for PLAY are only available through hosts (like myself), so the crowd is a very friendly, close-knit group of people separated by one or two degrees.  It was so nice being able to dance with friends (and friends-of-friends) from around the world.

Also!  Personal Dom achievement unlocked!  

I was finally able to bring all three pups to subspace for a brief scene above the dancefloor.  Alpha, big pup, and tank servicing me above a sea of half naked gay men.  I kept barking at them to give more, pushing them to the brink of tears…at the end of the scene they fell back, breathless, dizzy with endorphins, whimpering coos of love.  Absolute highlight of the evening for me.

I instructed alpha to Dom big pup, pulling him aside while I took on tank…he was begging for me to spank him….which is not something tank is normally into, but I happily obliged.  Smacking his thick rump hard till my hand was throbbing and his ass was bright red.  He loved it.

Had a lot of fun using alpha as a hunting dog…directing him as an extension of my will.  We tracked down a few subs that had been previously primed and I’d order him to take them down.  Alpha would pounce, subduing them in a headlock or pinning them against the wall, while I moved in and teased them.  Just teasing, nothing more.

Heartfelt sigh!

What an incredible night…I’m still giddy with excitement, barely hung over.

At Royal Tea. First time at this venue. Small, but cozy. Felt very intimate. Music was good, got to flag :)