Noodles and Beef

Misc flagging portraits.

Alpha and beef, PJ, and Sky.


I decided forego the poi this time around and decided to rock the flags my buddy @noodlesandbeef gave me. People were loving it. I guess flagging isn’t a common sight at music festivals.

@bigxbad, your flagging makes me happy it’s so beautiful. Also the flags I made for you look like watermelon slices.


Last night a friend brought over his flags to a friend’s bday party. These were massive and i was easily exhausted by them.
I sure am out of practice.

Are all houses in Alaska outfitted with club lights?

These are gorgeous flags :O


Conquering the World Through the Cunning Use of Flags…

So, I was gifted these very cool leather pride flags by @noodlesandbeef. I’m still getting used to the extension that I have to keep my arms at, as well as the enormous amount of drag that all that air has. There’s a lot more cardio in the use of the flags than I ever expected.

Here’s a sample from today at the gym in the dance studio.

Music: “12:30” by Overwerk (a great remix of ABBA’s “Gimme Gimme Gimme (a Man After Midnight)!”)

[EDIT: Oh, and the title is a reference to an Eddie Izzard stand up routine.]

Ahhh!!! I’m so glad you like them @foxbear, it was a pleasure making them for you. If you have the chance, try spinning them under black lights. The white silk and blue dye are UV reactive and will glow brightly.

Flagging with brandedbulltank and bigxbad at Real Bad, the big closing party of Folsom.

Incredible music, my closest friends and pups, and this year I didn’t check my cell phone so I could take pics of the debauchery.

Some of the beautiful men at Flagging in the Park <3

Wonderful time at Flagging in the Park today. Best in a while :)