Noodles and Beef


✌🏻️💪🏻 Post-triceps/chest workout
And the @noodlesandbeef tricep flex/pose thingy

Today is homework, horror movies, video games

Whoa, you’re getting super beefy :D  I like your version of the Dylan Pose…might have to try that.


I forgot how to Dylan pose but wanted to see how it looked anyway.

It’s like riding a bicycle.

And while I’m reblogging you, wow you’ve gotten beefy :D


goblin-royalty and I met noodlesandbeef !! It was too loud to speak but we snagged a couple of photos with him. Sorry we were a bit shy when speaking. Definitely a highlight of our weekend!

Thank you so much for saying hi! You guys were so nice for putting up with my social awkwardness. Wish we got a chance to dance, maybe I’ll see y'all tomorrow at hippy hollow.


Arm day Dylan pose.

Ugh, I miss you, pup. Look how beefy you’re getting, Sir must be so proud :D


This is technically number two in the series but I want to show this pup pic first! @pika-pup did a great job on it and I love it! I am trying the “Dylan” pose of noodlesandbeef :3 it makes me want to get back in the gym so I can build up my shoulders.

You look awesome…And you want to get even beefier?! *swoon*
Thank you for the Dylan pose!


Tummy Tuesday w/ Dylan pose feat. blue NP Briefs debuting their new hit single “Askew red shower curtain”

also, gym progress report 7/14/2015…7mo and counting

Looking huge, pup :D

So excited to meet you this Folsom!


Dylan Pose - NSFW (duh!)

I am a total joiner.  If there’s a meme out there, chances are I will hop on that bandwagon.


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The Dylan Pose makes your arms look bigger by flaring your triceps outwards, while pushing your pecs together to make them even beefier.

These are silly tricks I use to make myself look bigger, but you’re already huge and beefy, wow :D Thank you for the Dylan Pose.



So, fuzzbutt07, in honor of his haircut, and in homage to both noodlesandbeef and brandedbulltank, laid out a serious Dylan Pose™. I took the photos for posterity. No srsly. Dyln Pos iz srs bsns.

Faux septum ring for posterity as well. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

geeze @fuzzbutt07 is a cutie.  Consider the septum ring, it turns you into a sexy, beefy, bull :D

Anonymous asks:
Where did the Dylan pose originate?

I used to be very self conscious of my chest (I have mild pectus excavatum) and would bring my arms forward in photos to hide it by squishing my pecs together.  This also had the added benefit of making my arms look bigger.


My earliest photo doing the Dylan Pose, taken 8/10/2009.

I did this pose so much that friends started poking fun at it.  Especially in group shots where they would catch me reflexively posing for the camera.


“Friends.” 12/31/2009

As my readership grew, more people recognized this “pose” that I did in so many of my photos.  Suddenly it was a meme.


The Dylan Pose became more than a trick to make myself appear beefier; My first exchange with lil pup started with a Dylan Pose, two of my closest friends bigxbad and akbearcub broke the ice with the Dylan Pose, the Dylan Pose help raise $170,000NT for local AIDS charity.

Now that you know the history of the Dylan Pose, see how other’s have done it, and submit your own.