Noodles and Beef

Very simple holiday menu for this Friday’s feast.

spartacubs asks:
You ever wonder about the relationship between Domming and UX? If there is any. Insofar as you'd have to anticipate the user's needs and wants, guide their behavior etc?

Yes!  Often!

User Experience (UX) Design is a very broad field comprised of many different disciplines–Information Architecture, Computer Science, Interaction Design–but at its core is Human Factors.

Designing an experience requires a strong understanding of philosophy, cognitive science, psychology, and sociology.  This is Human Factors.

I don’t think many Doms realize they’re intuitively leveraging human factors to dominate someone:

  • Do you reward your sub for good behaviour?  Thats operant conditioning.  You see it commonly used in UX as reward/punishment systems on forums or comment tools; good contributors get stars or karma, bad contributors get down voted or banned.
  • Do you use sensory deprivation to enhance a scene with your sub?  Thats one way to handle cognitive load.  UX designers reduce information on a page the same way Doms use a blindfold. 
  • Do you manipulate perception to mind fuck your sub?  Well shoot, UX designers do that too. After all, perception is reality.  Facebook UX researches noticed that users blamed their phone (not the app) for being slow when a native loader was used instead of the Facebook loader.

I think Doms who work in UX need to be cautious not to push their users too hard.

I once designed a reward system that would chime when you completed a task.  Initial user research was promising; the reward chime increased task completion.  Pavlovian conditioning works really well, but the positive reinforcement had some negative consequences.  Tasks were completed faster, but satisfaction went down.  Users were taking shortcuts in tasks to get their reward, wether they realized it or not.

Tonight’s menu.

Toronto Pride’s graphic design is always on point.

Just look at this gorgeousness.

I love this year’s theme of a rainbow spoke.  Each event a slight variation of the spoke…

…sigh, wish I were going this year, looks like another incredible pride.

Wedding brand elements.

I’ve been using various tie-dye techniques to make my flags from silk for the last couple years.

Tie-dye is great.  Results are a bit random but fractally gorgeous in that chaotic way.  What if you wanted something more…precise?

I’m experimenting with a digitally printed silk using the above design.  I’m very excited to see how it turns out…but won’t get the fabric until August, grr…

When people ask what I do for work, I say “User Experience Design.”

The job title is deceptively simple sounding.  It’s really just an umbrella title for a range of disciplines that work together to create a successful experience for users.

Lets try this again…

Have you guys seen that “Popular Noodles” pod at the top of my blog?  It’s a widget that shows my most popular tumblr posts over the past 30 days.  It’s great for new readers who aren’t sure where to start, and it makes finding good content MUCH easier.

This is not a feature provided by tumblr, so I made a tool that generates popular posts for tumblr.

Currently it only supports photo posts, but I will be adding support for text, audio, etc soon.  (It does not show reblogs).

Bug Fix Update: there was a small bug with the generation of embed code, so widgets weren’t loading.  You will have to re-generate your embed code. Sorry!

Quick update on my tumblr stats thing.

I wasn’t happy with the quality of the tool, so I’ve spruced up the layout a bit and added a new section about who is leaving notes on your blog.  It’s sort of the reverse of the tumblr crushes feature, this shows who has a crush on your posts.

Remember when I threw-down some ghetto graphs with anonymous?

It’s a little rough, but I’ve released the tool that lets you create these charts for your tumblr blog.  Additionally, this tool analyzes the type of posts you make to tell you your “Blogging Style.”  (For example, I’m a Visual-Creator because I mostly post original photos).

Enjoy: The Simple Tumblr Stats Tool

Edit: I’ve updated the tool slightly to include details on who leaves you notes. Read about it here.