Noodles and Beef

Has this happened to you?

You’re browsing tumblr and you find a selfie of a super cute guy, and you want to learn more about them so you click into their blog.


Their blog is a mess.  Gifs!  Cats! Memes!  You scroll endlessly, catching just an occasional glimpse of original content amidst a sea of reblog cruft.

I enjoy reblogs, but if I’m going to your blog I want to see you.  So I made a tool that hides all reblogs.  Just enter a username and go.


Small update on that app I worked on for immigration reform:

  • Got a segment on NOTICIAS MUNDO FOX
  • Celebrities Adrian Grenier, Chris Tucker, and Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio used the app and took selfies
  • Averaging ~200 selfies an hour

¡Mucho emocionante!

I’m pretty excited this is taking off.  We might actually get immigration reform passed if this keeps going.

I left my big-corp-job last month to work full-time for this non-profit that I had been freelancing with on the side.  Choosing passion over profit was difficult, but I’m glad I did it.

Where big-corp-job was unfulfilling, lil-non-profit gave me unfettered creative freedom and the satisfaction of making a positive political change: immigration reform.

I’m happy to announce ‪Selfies4Reform‬, an app I’ve been working on to help push immigration reform forward. Take a selfie, write a message to your rep, and we’ll send a physical postcard to your rep.

Reps receive 500 emails to every 1 physical letter, so the transitive property states that 1 letter == 500 emails in power.  But letters are hard.  By making it as easy as taking a selfie, more people can get in touch with their reps and encourage the change we need.

Built in a couple weeks, so its a bit rough.  But, let me know what you guys think:

Introducing my new tumblr theme:


Designed for the discerning blogger, Ministry of Me has advanced features that make it ideal for content creators.  40+ customization options make this my most flexible theme yet.  Click here to install.


  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and tumblr integration for easy social sharing
  • Facebook comments
  • Tumblr or Google powered search
  • Inline likes and reblogs
  • Scrolling forever
  • Featured first post
  • Popular Posts widget automatically shows your best content
  • Promo Pod for persistent content across your blog (I use mine to promote the calendar, but it could easily be used for ads or mailing list links)
  • Author bio under posts
  • “Disclaimer Page” that lets you show a one-time message to new readers of your blog
  • Heavy SEO Optimization
  • Fully localized
  • Supports native tumblr tag, day, and search pages
  • One, two, and three column layouts

Phew!  So many features.  Some are a bit complicated to setup, so I’ll explain the difficult ones here:

  • Use Dark Layout
    This toggles the colour scheme for social buttons.  If you customize your theme to be light, you might want to turn this off.
  • Show Popular Posts
    This shows the “Popular Posts” widget. If you haven’t configured it, you’ll need to run it once.  Just click the button inside the widget to connect it to your blog.
  • Promo Pod Header
    This is the headline for your promo pod.
  • Promo Pod HTML
    This is the body of your promo pod.
  • Short Bio
    This is the author bio that shows up under your posts.  Good place to put copyright info.  If blank, it’ll show your full blog description…unless you toggle it off using “Show Bio Under Posts.”
  • Twitter Username
    Your twitter username, without an @ symbol
  • Facebook Username
    Optional. You only need this if you’re using Facebook comments and want to moderate them.  Use this tool to lookup your Facebook Username.
  • Facebook Page URL
    If you want people to like your blog, put the URL here.
  • Facebook App ID
    Optional. Use the Facebook comments moderation tool and select one of your apps.  This is for advanced users.
  • Google Analytics Web Property ID
    This is the tracker ID for your GA installation.  Go to Google Analytics and look for the ID next to your profile.  It starts with “UA-”
  • Disclaimer Header / HTML / Button
    This will be the headline, body text, and button text for your disclaimer page.  When you click the button, the blog sets a cookie to hide it for one year.  You will need to clear your cookies if you want to preview your disclaimer.  (Or use an incognito window).

Alright.  I think thats it.  Enjoy!

Install the theme here!

I'm working on a new project

Only in the research phase of this new project.

Preliminary results are very promising.

But in order for it to be successful on a large scale I’ll need to find about 12 nexus gays.

I think thats so fun.

A nexus gay is a gay guy on Facebook who is connected to 5,000+ people. If you are gay and on Facebook you are connected to a nexus gay. They are the connecting social hubs of gay people around the world.

What's the safest thing to eat in a new city?

I was having an interesting conversation with my friend Chuck about how NYC Open Data aggregates restaurant inspection data, resulting in this post about the “Safest” type of food to eat.  (The safest thing to eat is a burger, the riskiest is Indian).

But, this is just health inspection data.  What if we wanted to know the safest choice for food based on average ratings?

So, I built a simple tool breaking down top cuisines by average rating from Yelp using their API:

  • San Francisco
    Best: Mexican
    Worst: Southern
  • Chicago
    Best: Mexican
    Worst: Southern
  • New York City
    Best: Italian
    Worst: Southern
  • Miami
    Best: French or Cuban (a tie)
    Worst: Indian
  • Los Angeles
    Best: Mexican
    Worst: Greek
  • New Orleans
    Best: Pizza
    Worst: Chinese

Interesting stuff.

Say you’re roaming Miami and you don’t really know where to eat…its a pretty safe bet French or Cuban food will be amazing.

Remember that ridiculous extension I wrote that turned all anon’s strong female role models?

Well, it’s ready.  Here’s how you get it:

  1. Download the extension here: (45kb crx file)
  2. Open Chrome and go to this URL (clicking it won’t work, you gotta type it): chrome://extensions/
  3. Drag the CRX file you just downloaded into the extensions page (screenshot)
  4. Chrome will ask if you want to add “distinguishr” (the stupid name I gave this thing) Go ahead and click “Add” (screenshot)
  5. You’re done!  Just visit your messages on tumblr and all anon’s will be replaced randomly with ladies.


Just remember, this will only work on the computer you put it on. You aren’t going to magically start getting messages from Hilary Clinton using the mobile app.  If you answer these anon messages they’ll show up as “anonymous” to the rest of the world, so maybe take a screenshot and post that if it’s funny enough.

I have, like, 10 years of content stashed away on my old LiveJournal.  But, I wanted it on tumblr.

So I made this:

A very simple LiveJournal to Tumblr post importer

Did not know tumblr had post limits though…so trying to import 10-years of my old journal will still take a few days.

Lets try this again…

Have you guys seen that “Popular Noodles” pod at the top of my blog?  It’s a widget that shows my most popular tumblr posts over the past 30 days.  It’s great for new readers who aren’t sure where to start, and it makes finding good content MUCH easier.

This is not a feature provided by tumblr, so I made a tool that generates popular posts for tumblr.

Currently it only supports photo posts, but I will be adding support for text, audio, etc soon.  (It does not show reblogs).

Bug Fix Update: there was a small bug with the generation of embed code, so widgets weren’t loading.  You will have to re-generate your embed code. Sorry!

If you’d like to generate your own “Best of Tumblr 2011” collage like my New Years post, you can do so here.

The Best of Tumblr tool grabs all your posts and sorts them by popularity, grouped by year and month.  It can take a few minutes to load everything if you’re a prolific blogger, but the result is a pretty, reverse-calendar of your tumblr.  The most popular post is featured first, with three runner-ups that you can reveal by hovering over them.

Please note: This tool does not show posts that you reblogged, only your own photos.


Updated ½/2012:

  • Added “Advanced Options” to let people see popular posts from 2012 or non-photo posts
  • Sped-up loading
  • Fixed the “Ghost Reblogs” bug. If you reblogged someone who later deleted their account, tumblr turns the post into a normal post, not a reblog…so it was messing up stats.
  • Fixed a bug where the tool gives up when tumblr gives a 500 error.