Noodles and Beef

Closing Mardi Gras with The Laneway party.

DJ Kitty Glitter got us backstage passes (AHHH!) and we flagged on stage as her set went into the night.  Absolutely incredible, magical experience.  The highlight of Mardi Gras for us.

Thank you, kitty!

Photos from the #MGParty which happened after the parade.

Absolutely massive, tens of thousands of partiers in four different sports stadiums turned discotheques.  Live performances throughout the night and we got to see my friends from Taiwan.

Awesome :)

First party of the week: the Under where party. So so music, but got to hangout with our friends Sean and Andrew.

kazublaze asks:
How often do you and your pups go clubbing?

According to my #clubbing tag, we go out (on average) once every 2.25 months.

Anonymous asks:
What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen at a party?

The Party: Real Bad, Folsom 2014

The Venue: 1015 Folsom

The party had started an hour beforehand at a nearby hotel with @bigxbad, @akbearcub, @ginger-beef, @innerbear, my pups, and I.


We walked to the venue in just jockstraps.  Streaks of light flew past me, but turning my head to see them was difficult.  They only appeared in the corners of my vision and turning my head caused a color shift in my overall vision.  

Time dilated.  A two minute walk felt like three hours as every detail of the surrounding area came into perfect focus.  Detail beyond what I could see.  I would look at a street sign and feel the entire history of that sign unravel before me.  I could see a time-lapse of the sign’s life in reverse.  The people it has interacted with before me, the construction it has witnessed.  The story it told was so detailed I had to pull away.


We arrived.  Half our group went through general admission, the pups and I were VIP.

I looked at my phone to check the time.  Letters were pushing out from the screen, constantly morphing through a dozen languages and symbol sets. The UI zooming between various states of Android OS.  

I locked my phone. 

I needed to check this, my ID, wallet, and car keys immediately.  There was no way I could trust myself with these things.  

Just to confirm that I was not sober enough to hold my own phone, I looked up at the crowd of leather men dancing.

My vision shifted to a 480-degree sphere at f/0.9 while simultaneously at ∞ focus.  I got caught in another time dilation shift as the entire scene froze.  I took this moment to reorganize the scene, shifting objects to align with the golden rule, then blinked and time reset.

Yes, I definitely needed to check my stuff.

I made my way up to the VIP coat check and checked my things, stripping down to just a jockstrap and harness.

I caught my reflection.  I saw beautiful Dylan.  Tonight was going to be a good night.  My reflection pushed past me and went up to coat check.  Tonight was going to be difficult.

Each doorway I passed through reset the tone, colour pallet, tempo, and perspective of the scene.  I tested this a few times, stepping in and out of a doorway till I was happy with the current settings, then proceeded to find alpha and lil pup completely pupped out.  

We had a brief, very intense scene that was interrupted by a very drunk guy who thought he could join in.  Adrenaline sobered me up as I pushed the guy away, his friends pulling him back to another room.

The colours of the room collapsed onto themselves and radiated in waves timed with the music.  When I looked closer, I realized I was seeing the actual sound waves blending off surfaces, pouring out of the speakers, bouncing around in a beautiful cacophony of colours and textured leather.

The music was incomprehensible, but I knew I loved the sound of 1/4″ thick textured leather.  The raw side stained an ultraviolet neon pink that was outside the visible colour spectrum with contour stitching to match.  This was a good song.

I looked over at @innerbear and asked him the time.


We had only been here 8-minutes.

The music had changed from the texture of neon leather to that feeling you get mid sneeze, so we decided to head downstairs to hear the other DJ.

Time dilated.

We made our way down the stairs and each step was an incredibly vivid scene set in slow motion.  First step I saw two lovers fisting, second step a guy waiting in line for the bathroom (there’s a bathroom off the back staircase), a waterfall of colour pouring from the bathroom down the stairwell gave the steps a slick texture like melting orangcicles. 

We passed the doorway into the main dance floor.  My vision telescoped across a sea of half naked men dancing in periods of stop-motion.  The detail of the scene was overwhelming. I could count the hairs on a beard from across the room.

Each person I pushed past I had a glimpse of their life story.  Every wrinkle, their eyes, what outfit the chose, and how they came to be.  Each human story weighed heavy on me as I imagined these vivid backstories for each person.

Finally we made it to the front room.  Passing through the doorway reset the scene again.  But I barely had enough time to enjoy it as we were ushered downstairs by lil pup.

He had a way with crowds.  @alphabeef was the muscle.  @bigxbad was the bard, @akbearcub the knight (he was wearing too much)…before I could finish the class assignments and roll our stats, we were in the downstairs dance floor.

The ceiling was a vortex of blue and purple diodes.  This was normal though.  I loved when they turned the ceiling on.

We took a break in one of the alcoves, everyone piling around the table.

@djseanmac joined us and we talked about his life path and how I always thought he’d be a great pup.  That segued into me pushing him to subspace and wailing on his ass in front of our group till my hand was throbbing.  Sean is an adorable sub, he taunted me, wiggling his butt for more.

Our group was getting antsy.  The music was too slow (how? It was so fast it colour shifted) for Arman, so we made our way upstairs.

We took the back stairs this time, and on my way out I saw someone sitting at one of the tables.  Eating a full roast chicken.

Thats probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen at a party.  How did he even get it through security?  I want to do that now.


He’s mine, I’m his. @noodlesandbeef is my bear, I’m his beef 💕💖💕

I love my beef

Fantastic party at the Mayan fort new years. Got to dance with friends from SF, and a bunch of new friends we’ve made here in LA on this trip.

Had some really nice pup time with alpha and big pup. Then I got to switch with alpha, and he indulged my subby side for a little bit.

The party started getting a little boring around 3am though. Music was okay… A little hard for me.

The highlight of my night was getting cute messages from @innerbear while I was bored with the music.

Sydney Mardi Gras event planning

Here is my (tentative) list of dances and events we’ll be attending for Sydney Mardi Gras 2016.  This list doesn’t include all the other adventures I have planned while visiting Australia.

Thursday, March 3rd

Friday, March 4th

Saturday, March 5th

Sunday, March 6th


We went as homages to some of our favorite Mario characters. Master was gender-swapped Prince Peach, Big pup was Mario, Tank was Toad, and I was Bowser.

These costumes stayed on for a few minutes before we stripped down to more comfortable dance versions.

Anonymous asks:
I will be in SF for Halloween and want to meet all of you. What are your plans? And costume ideas?

We’ll be doing the STARSHIP party with the fabulous DJ Kitty Glitter.  She’s my absolute favourite DJ, I have blacked out Halloween weekend to see her perform.  If you are in SF you must make plans to attend.

As for costumes…

…my pups aren’t as enthusiastic about Halloween costumes as I am, so I have a feeling I’ll be the only one dressed up.  You can see my costume concept here.