Noodles and Beef

Someone asked for a photo of InnerBear’s butt.

Geeze.  Would you look at those thighs. Inspirational.

Cancun photo story. (IE, photos I took that weren’t portraits).


Going home…

Since this was my birthday, I splurged and upgraded to First Class. TOTALLY worth it! All the free food I want and leg space!

Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes! This was an incredible trip and a great way to kick off 25!

And thanks for putting up with all my Cancun vacation spam! I hope y'all enjoyed the pics anyways :)

Oh, Chuck! on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
He’s the best for putting up with my photo ops.

Left to right: Phil, myself, and Chuck.

I am so lucky to have these guys as friends. This vacation has been incredible!

Phil getting during golden hour, Phil realness, and Phil getting down at the Tea Dance.

We went to a special Mexican Restaurant at our resort for my birthday, and ran into Alec Mapa! Gasp! My favourite gay comedian!

Later, during dinner, I was completely surprised by Chuck and Phil, who had arranged me to me ambushed with a giant sombraro and face-planted into a chocolate cake. It was awesome! Best birthday ever.

Phil/InnerBear at the beach today.

He’s wearing swimwear by Rufskin…very hot~