Noodles and Beef

Anonymous asks:
Is your dick bigger then your masters?


Heh, no. That’s like comparing an eggplant to a dill pickle.

Hi everyone. @brandedbulltank’s Master here. Tank has a tendency to embellish in favour of me–his “submissive eye” as it were–so I have to jump in with a small correction: he’s a lot bigger than I am.

Tank is obscenely hung. Balls that would make a bull jealous and a cock thicker than a Coke can. He’s so big he can’t really top. Just a big, overly hung, bull.


29/05/2016 + 30/05/2016: I take photos for this blog is to share my story with my Master.

After I took the first photo, I realised the image didn’t depict my story, not when I share my life with my wonderful, beautiful Master.

So I invited Master the next day and made it our story. That afternoon we did our civic duty and kept the Castro very, very gay.

~I love you so much Master, thank you for sharing your life with me~

Speaking of big beefy rumps…

151/365 Next Steps

I’ve restarted @brandedbulltank‘s serial photo project to help reignite his creative drive…and today he asked me to be a guest in his photo!

We took two photos.  Mine and his.  I’ll reblog his version soon as it’s up.

I love you pup, thank you for having me.


27/5/2016: Unexpected Family Dinner at Espetus - a Brazilian Steak House. Welcome home and Congratulations, Master! 

To New Opportunities and to New Adventures.

After cutting our trip to Tassajara short, this seemed like an appropriate detour. Thank you for a wonderful dinner, pups :)

Oh. Good morning, tank.

Tank Interviewed By Gpup Alpha

Tank, pup and slave to Master Dylan AKA Noodles And Beef kindly agrees to share some of his life in this exclusive video.

(via Tank Interviewed By Gpup Alpha - YouTube)

He’s adorable <3

@brandedbulltank was interviewed last week by his friend Gpup Alpha of the famous Sirius pup pack.  Unlike my interview, tank is a natural in front of the camera.  I just get happy watching him.

Tank being interviewed about pup stuff