Noodles and Beef

He is most happy down there.


27/5/2016: Unexpected Family Dinner at Espetus - a Brazilian Steak House. Welcome home and Congratulations, Master! 

To New Opportunities and to New Adventures.

After cutting our trip to Tassajara short, this seemed like an appropriate detour. Thank you for a wonderful dinner, pups :)

Weekend trip with @alphabeef to Tassajara: an old Zen buddhist monastery that features some wonderful sulfur hotsprings.

It was gorgeous.  Wildflowers in bloom, everything so lush, sulfur on the warm wind…but this was also the peak of horsefly season. We couldn’t go very far without being swarmed, and bug spray was ineffective.


Ahhh…poutine. I missed you.

Misc flagging portraits.

Alpha and beef, PJ, and Sky.

Flagging in the park with my pups.

Flagging season actually doesn’t start for another month, but Xavier wanted to have a birthday flagging party for all these April birthdays.

Chandler (the pup previously known as lilpup) came and celebrated with us :D

Whoops, a little out of order.

Alpha took me to a flogging class…trying to work on the finer details that I can’t teach him.  Learned some fun new tricks for maxxing out thud pain.

“Percussive Maintenance” achieved.  I’ve been long overdue for receiving a flogging.

Playing with my new Sony 85mm F1.4 GM.

The thing is a beast. Stupid big and heavy, it completely removes the
portability afforded by my mirrorless full-frame camera. You know, the
entire reason why I shoot with a mirrorless system.

And yet, I can already feel myself falling in love with this lens. I might
have to make a concession for it’s size because the photos it produces are
so beautiful. Exceptional blur, extremely fast, and incredible performance
in low light situations.

These photos were taken at 100iso in a dimly-lit hotel bedroom. Its like
the thing has night vision.

Got to the beach as the rain was letting up and the sun was setting. It
was freezing, but beautiful. That didn’t stop alpha from taking his shirt
off and showing off for me.