Noodles and Beef

Memories of Acapulco.




Master took this pic only for me but I think he looks too good not to share with you guys.

Shhh don’t tell him I shared it!

And now pup sleeps on the floor.

what? its PIXELATED.  thats totally within blog rules.

Still annoyed pup posted this photo…but I guess it’s technically okay because pixelated.

Pup took me to the nicest sushi restaurant in Acapulco! Ahhhh! It was amazing! Now he won’t have to sleep on the floor for posting that nude of me to his blog.

Mexican Sushi is special. No raw fish, just fried shrimp or smoked salmon. Soy sauce has lime juice in it (like ponzu, almost). Philadelphia cheese, pineapple, and chipotle sauce are found on most rolls.

And yet…I love it. It’s such a wonderful bastardization of something I’m used to eating in San Francisco.

It’s too hot to do anything. So we’re drinking agua frescas in hammocks and napping to the sounds of playa del daycare.

Playa del Daycare is what I nicknamed the beach next door. It’s so packed with screaming children that you can’t even see the sand. Just an endless sea of children screaming into the Pacific.

We’ve been in Acapulco for a wedding between a couple of pup’s friends…which just ended.

Big wedding.  They had everything.  Heavily armed security check-points, telenovela stars and writers I didn’t recognize, 8-hours of very sentimental speeches in rapid/confusing Spanish, incredible food, the soundtrack from Pixar’s UP…and fireworks.  Perhaps last night was a test run.  They were gorgeous.

It’s in the triple digits here.  I thought I was smart wearing a patterned shirt to the wedding so my sweat wouldn’t show through…it lasted about five minutes before I had wet creases everywhere.

As we’re getting ready for bed, fireworks started exploding directly outside our place.
Like, professional pyrotechnics were aimed at our windows.

We ran outside to watch but they were literally exploding just outside our balcony. It was scary and amazing.

Here’s the view from our room.

We got a penthouse for super cheap in Acapulco. Here’s my obligatory back-lit peer through the window photo.

View from the penthouse we found cheaply on AirBnb. Crazy amazing view. Too tired from flight to function.

Red eye flight to Acapulco, with a five hour layover in Mexico City. Pup got us into the Amex Platinum lounge…so fancy. We have a cabana.