Noodles and Beef


Memories of Folsom

a wonderful moment with @noodlesandbeef during the Bearracuda party.

*sigh* I miss this

I love you, beef :) Thank you.

Anonymous asks:
I'd be so scared of eating strangers out. I'd love to be more liberal and free with my sexuality but I'm so scared of catching anything. I really look up to you. How do you have the confidence? also did Dylan eat Tony out? :O :P


just about every sexual act carries some form of risk. the best you can do is educate yourself and figure out what you comfortable with. Get tested, and play safe is the best advice.  You wont know whats right for you until you try. 

Confidence? well I wouldn’t say I am a very confident person. I have had low self esteem and body issues for most of my life. I have made a lot of progress in changing the way i look, but I also have wonderful people in my life that make me feel like i can do anything. Also, with getting older, you just really stop giving a fuck what other people think. 

Yes, he did. but in fairness we all ate each other out. Its pretty much a handshake at Folsom.

Eating someone out is the official Folsom handshake.


Also Folsom tradition, shopping at Mr. S for some great party gear/outfits. I got myself a new custom fit brown/gold bulldog harness and akbearcub got a rubber jock.

How could I forget to post the Mr S Leather shopping montage?!  I was on the fisting table!

Downstairs in the basement with DJ Brian Maier.

I had alpha restrain tank while I spanked his rump to a crowd.  Such a good pup :)