Noodles and Beef

thepupupthere asks:
I've decided to read through all 52WeeksOfKink posts, so you might get A LOT of asks as I catch up! Sir and I will be setting aside one day per week to try new things or to revisit existing kinks to push our boundaries further.

I need to pick that project up again…it got derailed by my wedding :(

There have been a LOT of asks about my personal experience with:

  • Saline expansion
  • Ball stretching
  • Pumping
  • Body modification so extreme, that it requires access to extremely illegal clandestine medical facilities and drugs so experimental you get them reconstituted by a biotech company in Moldova
  • Gourmet play
  • Macrophilia

It’s puppy play week for my #52weeksofkink project…and I’ve inadvertently started it by introducing Thor to a human puppy.

This week I’m learning rope bondage :D

Tank is modeling a simple rope bondage harness that connects like a jock to his junk.  Very happy with it.

#52weeksofkink Humiliation Week

I don’t do humiliation.  I do not enjoy making people feel bad about themselves.  This made humiliation perfect for my #52weeksofkink project.  Something completely outside my comfort zone…I actually didn’t think I’d get to this kink, but, some joking around with my pups lead to a weird discovery.

Big Dick Humiliation.  I enjoyed when guys made fun of my donkey cock and bull balls.  Perhaps “enjoyed” is the wrong word for the feeling, but it triggered a familiar ache inside me.  It made me feel submissive.

bearberlycrusher​ shared with me his experiences on both ends of humiliation.  It was incredibly enlightening, I hope he shares it to his blog soon.  Once I had a better understanding of what was turning me on, I wanted to push it as far as I could.

I got you guys involved.  

Over the course of this week, I’ve received over ~170+ posts teasing me for being too big, uselessly large, etc…  It was overwhelming.  I was helpless.  Subdued into submission by the onslaught of attention my oversized cock was getting.

The final step was to take everything I had learned and construct a scene.

Alpha and I swapped roles.  I was his pup Krypto, he was my Sir.  He had instructed me to dress in my gym short-shorts.  They’re absurdly packagey, my junk hefted out several inches from my body, further than my pecs.  It was completely obscene. 

Sir paraded me around the gym, having me do exercises that showed me off.  I was embarrassed, shy, kept my eyes down the entire time.  I could barely speak besides a whimper or stuttered “Y-yes, Sir.”

Deadlifts was the worst. my package got completely in the way.  Every rep making me more self conscious.  Sir paced around me, chuckling, idly teasing me for having such a huge, useless cock.  Slapping me on the butt, reminding me what I was good for.  Every interaction made me shiver.  I couldn’t resist.  I was a big, overgrown, dumb bull.  And I loved it.

Thank you for helping me explore this, Sir.

Anonymous asks:
For the 52 Weeks of Kink on Big Dick Humiliation, give us the closest we've ever gotten to a full shot of your oversized bits. Find the most transparent, sheer jock you can, dressed in normal attire with shorts open to expose your shame. Place that destroyed chastity cage right on top of your comically large bulge, just to show how oversized, how useless it really, truly is.

I think I can do this.

After an unfortunate hiatus, I’m back to my #52weeksofkink project. This week is focused on rope bondage. Memorizing these knots has been pretty easy. Its all muscle memory after a couple attempts.

tramite-il-cuore asks:
I have to ask - what's straight blade sex?

More commonly known as erotic shaving, its part of my #52weeksofkink project that I’ve been neglecting.

Anonymous asks:
Hello Mr. Noodles - I'm a huge fan of your blog and learning about you and your growing family. Speaking of growing, I know your busy planning your ceremony and maybe I am just missing it, but I was wondering if you were still doing your 52 weeks of kink? If you are, will one of your kinks be encouraging /gaining? And if it is, will you be encouraging your pups? Thanks for doing such a great job on your blog!

Photo of me for Consummate, my wedding. Every flower petal represents something I have to do for my wedding still.

It was a bit ambitious of me to do a serial project with the wedding happening.  So #52weeksofkink is on hold until after the wedding.  Probably mid-April it’ll pick up again.

There is an entire month of my project devoted to macrophilia, a week of which is just gainer/encourager stuff.

Final fitting of my leather jacket!!! Ahhh!!!!

Uniform week outtakes.

The flightsuit wasn’t as sexy as I had hoped and ended up falling off a little more with each photo :/

#52weeksofkink uniform week

Couldn’t find any military or police uniforms that fit me.  Went shopping at army surplus stores and second hand shops…most things I couldn’t fit my arms through.

Frustrated, I asked y’all what uniform means.  lthredge had a wonderful, succinct response:

“As others have said [uniform means] power.”

I just needed to find a look that made me feel powerful, while also being a uniform.  So I decided to try the fetish uniform angle instead of real uniforms.

Found this awesome flight jumpsuit from NastyPig, paired it with my leather gloves and flight cap from Rough Trade Gear.  I felt confident, powerful, a little worried about the reaction I’d get free-balling as my junk flopped visibly with each step…but the looks I got while shopping at Costco definitely made me feel powerful.

Its not the sexiest look, but what do you guys think: uniform enough?